FoneMonitor Review 2024 and Its Best Alternative

“Is FoneMonitor a free app and does it support a stealth mode? I’m interested in trying the FoneMonitor app, but I don’t know much about it!”

As a reader who asked me this about FoneMonitor, I realized that so many people out there don’t know much about this spying app. Since the FoneMonitor app supports leading Android and iOS devices, you can use it to track almost every phone. Though you must know how to download FoneMonitor, its features, and the FoneMonitor price in advance. In this FoneMonitor review, I will clear your doubts regarding the FoneMonitor app so that you can make up your mind easily.

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A Quick FoneMonitor Review: Features, Pricing, and More

FoneMonitor is a complete device tracker that can help you keep an eye on iOS or Android devices remotely. One of the best things about the FoneMonitor app is that you don’t need to root or jailbreak your phone to use it. While you would have to install the FoneMonitor free app on the target Android phone, only the linked iCloud account details are needed to track an iPhone.

Before I list its features in this FoneMonitor review, please note that there are different services for the Android and iOS versions. Most of the following features are solely available in the Android version of the FoneMonitor app.

  • Location tracking

After completing the FoneMonitor download, the application would track the real-time location of the devices and also maintain the past location history record. Furthermore, you can also set geofences on the target device.

  • Social Media tracking

FoneMonitor supports the tracking of almost every popular social and IM app out there like Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Apart from their activities, you can also check their messages and shared attachments.

  • Call logs and Messages

On your FoneMonitor dashboard, you can view their contacts, incoming/outgoing calls, and even the exchanged messages. The timestamp for every call and message would be maintained.

  • Access the stored Content

You can also view and save the stored files on their devices like their photos, videos, documents, voice memos, audio files, emails, and so much more.

  • Browser History and WiFi Tracker

Furthermore, you would get a detailed browsing history on their device and can also check the logs of the past WiFi networks to track their earlier whereabouts.

  • Advanced Keylogger

Our FoneMonitor review would be incomplete without mentioning its keylogger feature that is available for the Android version. It will maintain a detailed log of all the keystrokes on the device, letting you track their deleted messages, account passwords, etc.

  • Stealth Mode

The FoneMonitor Android app also supports a stealth mode, letting you track any device without letting its user know about its presence.

FoneMonitor stealth mode
  • Other features

Some other prominent features of FoneMonitor are app activity, keyword alerts, SIM tracking, bookmarks, screenshot capturing, and so on.

  • Pricing

The FoneMonitor price for its Premium version is $29.99 a month while the Ultimate version would cost $39.99 a month for Android. On the other hand, iOS users can access it by paying $39.99 a month instead.

Why Do People Look for FoneMonitor Alternatives?

FoneMonitor is ideally considered a device tracker app for beginners. If you are looking for advanced tracking features, then it might not meet your requirements. Here are some of the reasons why users look for FoneMonitor alternatives instead.

  • Limited iOS features

The iOS version can only extract the saved iCloud backup and present its details. If someone is spending $39.99 a month on this, then these features might not meet their expectations.

  • Missing options

A lot of device trackers let us record calls, take pictures from the phone’s camera, or even listen to their surrounding conversations. All these features are presently not available in FoneMonitor.

  • Relatively new

FoneMonitor has been recently only a while back and it doesn’t have a trusted reputation in the market. A lot of users feel hesitant to try a relatively new device tracker these days.

What Are the Advantages of mSpy Over FoneMonitor?

One of the best alternatives to FoneMonitor is mSpy, which is an extremely reliable device tracker for iOS and Android. Unlike FoneMonitor, it offers a wide range of features for both iOS and Android versions and is often recommended for the following reasons.

  • Reputed presence

The mSpy tracker has been around since 2010 and is an award-winning device monitoring solution. Since it is already trusted by millions of users, you can also consider giving it a try.

FoneMonitor alternative-mSpy tracker
  • Extensive iOS features

Unlike FoneMonitor, you can explore the different features of its iOS tracker as well. There are solutions for both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices, letting you select the version you wish to buy.

  • Advanced options

Several advanced features in mSpy are currently missing in FoneMonitor. Apart from its more sophisticated stealth mode and keylogger, you can also ban apps on the target device or restrict incoming calls. You can also block websites, get uninstall alerts, and obtain daily tracking reports.

What Are the Major Features Offered by mSpy?

After getting to know some of the reasons why mSpy is considered instead of FoneMonitor, let’s quickly have a look at some of its features.

  • Live location tracking

Once you have installed the mSpy tracking app, you can monitor the real-time whereabouts of the linked iOS or Android device. Also, you can monitor their past location history with relevant timestamps.

mSpy Live location tracking
  • Geofencing

By visiting your mSpy control panel, you can set up different geofences on the target device. This means you will be notified when someone leaves or enters the restricted area.

  • Calls, Contacts, Messages, and more

Furthermore, you can remotely check their messages, call logs, saved contacts, and so much more with additional details (like timestamps).

  • Inclusive social media tracking

You can also track their activities, messages, posts, media, etc. on almost every social media platform out there. Some of the social and IM apps that mSpy can track are Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Tinder, Snapchat, and more.

social media tracking
  • Set up different restrictions

You can restrict any incoming call on the target device or set up keyword alerts on their phone. Also, you can block any app or website on their device remotely from your mSpy panel.

  • Access installed apps and data

Without even accessing the phone, you can check the apps that they have installed or for how long they use it. You can also access their saved photos, videos, documents, notes, music, and so much more.

Access installed apps and data
  • Other features

There are tons of other device tracking features that you can access on your mSpy control panel. You can track their SIM location, get uninstall alerts, access their calendar, monitor WiFi logs, and so on. Just like FoneMonitor, mSpy also supports a stealth mode and won’t be detected by them.

How to Install, Set up, and Use the mSpy Tracker

Now that you know the wide range of features that mSpy offers, let’s quickly discuss how we can use it to track any iOS or Android device in a stepwise manner:

Step 1: Get a mSpy subscription

Firstly, you have to get an active mSpy subscription by visiting its website. Here, you need to select if you wish to track an Android or iOS device and whether you want to jailbreak the device or not.

get an active mSpy subscription

Step 2(a): To track an iOS device

If you have opted for the non-jailbroken version, then you first need to make sure that the iCloud backup option is enabled on one’s device.

 track an iOS device

Afterward, you can just log in to the same iCloud account that is linked to someone’s phone so that mSpy can extract its backup.

log-in to the iCloud account

In case you want to access more features, then you can simply go with the jailbroken version. For this, you can use Cydia to install the mSpy tracker on your phone. If you want, you can also get in touch with a mSpy customer representative to jailbreak the iPhone.

use Cydia to install the mSpy tracker on your phone

Step 2(b): To track an Android device

If the target phone is an Android, then you have to access it first and go to its security settings to enable app installation from unknown sources.

track an Android device

Later, you can go to the mSpy website to download its tracking app on your phone. Complete the installation, log in to your mSpy account, and grant the app all the required permissions. You can authenticate the app with your code and even enable its stealth mode in the end.

FoneMonitor best alternative-mSpy

Step 3: Start tracking their device

That’s it! After completing the setup, you can just go to the mSpy Control Panel on any device of your choice. From here, you can view all the extracted details of the device that would be listed under different sections.

track device with mSpy

Final Verdict: Which Is the Best Phone Monitoring Solution?

Overall, I would say mSpy offers more options for both iOS and Android versions and is a pretty reliable tool. However, if you have to track an Android and have basic requirements, then you can go with FoneMonitor as well. Nevertheless, if you wish to access more features in one place for both iOS and Android devices, then mSpy would be an ideal pick.

I hope that this smart FoneMonitor review has answered your queries about this popular spying app. As you can see, the FoneMonitor app is pretty user-friendly and comes with basic device-tracking features. Apart from that, you can also consider using mSpy as its perfect alternative. I would recommend trying their free demo versions on their respective websites and being a judge of these device trackers on your own.

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