Completely Free Reverse Phone Lookup with Name and Address (Full Guide 2024)

There is nothing more maddening than getting calls at times when you’re too busy or sleeping. What’s even worse is that these calls are from someone you don’t know or unknown numbers and your smartphone caller can’t determine whose number it is. That’s when the reverse phone number lookup role comes in. In this post, we’re going to help you understand the role of reverse number lookup services and what are the best options available to use.

What Is Reverse Phone Number Lookup?

Let’s begin with a brief introduction of what a reverse number lookup is and when it is helpful.

Well, reverse phone number lookup is a common phrase referring to searching white page records using a phone number to trace someone’s name and address and determine who a number belongs to.

You should use a reverse phone number lookup when you have a number and intend to learn more about the owner. People generally perform a reverse phone number lookup when they get a call from an unknown number or just a phone number that they don’t identify or recognize.

Anyone can perform a reverse lookup to figure out a phone number, spam number, and landline for free. Therefore, if you ever want to know the owner of a phone number, then all you need is a phone number lookup.

Let’s give a quick look at reasons you need reverse phone number lookup –

  • Find out who is calling you
  • Avoid unwanted calls
  • Find out where people live
  • Get instant information about someone

4 Methods of Reverse Phone Lookup Free

Fortunately, there are four ways to perform reverse phone lookups or search phone numbers for free. We’re going to discuss each method and pick the one that suits you.

Phone Number Lookup Websites

Finding a reliable website that would let users trace unknown numbers is quite challenging. That’s why we came up with the three most authentic and secure reverse number lookup websites. Use these websites and determine who is trying to reach you.

1. Spokeo Reverse Phone Lookup

For online phone number search with name and address, Spokeo’s Reverse Phone Search goes through billions of phone directory records and white pages to look for and gives you an easy-to-read report demonstrating the name and other info of the owner.

The reverse phone reports by Spokeo can provide the owner’s info like name, gender, and age, contact information like email address, social profiles, social media accounts, location, and a lot more in one place. With the help of this reverse number lookup website, you can find out who texted or called you and find out the info about spam callers.

Above all, the Spokeo Reverse Phone Lookup service can help you protect your or your dear one’s identity from phone scams. You can search by phone, name, email, or address to find out more info about people you know or people you don’t recognize.

Spokeo uses deep internet technology and techniques to search billions of phone number records to give the most comprehensive report. You can always stay up-to-date on reports you buy through your Spokeo account.


2. PeopleFinders Reverse Phone Lookup

Another reliable reverse number lookup service recommended is PeopleFinders Reverse Phone Lookup. You can use it to get all the info you need about spam or unknown callers. Their comprehensive phone directory is up-to-date and the user-friendly website gives instant results for your search.

In short, performing phone number lookup has become easy and convenient thanks to this service. You can search by phone number, name, and address to know more about the unknown person or someone you don’t recognize. Use their reverse phone lookup feature and find out unknown cell phone numbers and landline numbers instantly.

It doesn’t matter why you want to look up a number, PeopleFinders Reverse phone lookup will offer the easy and fast experience you certainly need. All you need to do is enter the number or area code in the search field and hit Search to find out more about the person who’s calling you – their name, email, address, and a lot more.

Moreover, you can perform a background check on someone anytime and anywhere. Find and access information 24/7 from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. The only con this phone lookup service has is that it doesn’t provide information about social media accounts. Nevertheless, if you intend to know information like address or email, then it is certainly a good one to consider.


3. BeenVerified Reverse Phone Lookup 

Last but not least reverse phone number lookup website recommended is BeenVerified Reverse Phone Lookup. It is straightforward to find out more about the number who called you while you were sleeping or doing some important stuff. All you have to do is enter the phone number and get instant results and find out the person who called you.

Besides searching by phone number, you can search by name, email, or address and explore what useful info you can find. Many people rely on BeenVerified whenever it comes to finding info about someone. You get the results after cross-checking millions of info and data sources.

Through this reverse phone number lookup, you can stay in the know about people behind unknown calls or spam calls. You might reveal useful info about your unknown callers such as their address, age, location, email address, and social media profiles. In this way, you can determine whether it’s important to call back that number or not.

With BeenVerified, you can perform a reverse phone number lookup or search on both business and personal numbers to get the complete info about who texting or calling you.


Phone Numbers Lookup Apps

Don’t prefer using a website to trace an unknown number? If so, then you can turn to free reverse phone lookup apps. Or do you want something more than just reverse number lookup like blocking unwanted calls? Then, the following are the recommended ones to use.

1. TruthFinder App 

TruthFinder is a free phone number search app used by many to perform a background check and people search. It is all about finding the truth about unknown callers. It shows real background report info, and you can view background info on any person you know. With the help of it, you can even look for arrest or criminal records and perform number lookups on any number you want. In short, this app has made it easy and simple to get real facts and truth about anybody.

 The basic background check on the number may provide you with information like name, address, date of birth, age, possible relatives, education information, possible photos, etc. Those who are looking for more detailed info can prefer using premium reports that may contain arrest record info.

TruthFinder gives the most relevant info from local, state, and federal government sources and manages them in an easy-to-understand report. This app comes quite in handy to avoid scams. If you’re curious to know about someone you met recently, simply use TruthFinder and make yourself up-to-date about that person before you meet next time.

The app is available on the Google Play Store to download on an Android phone or tablet. Get the app today for free and start exploring more info about the people around you on your smartphone.


2. Whoscall App 

Whoscall is a popular reverse phone lookup app. It is known as the best caller ID and block app and is used by many people to find out the identity of unknown callers.  The app has a database containing data on 1+ million numbers from around the globe, providing it with reliable caller ID features. The app detects spam calls and IDs calling from an unknown number with ease.

The great thing about the Whoscall app is that it even enables you to block unnecessary calls from telemarketers, spammers, robot-callers, etc. The app offers fully functional phone capabilities – calling, texting, anti-spam, and a perfect app to organize your messages and calls.

It is a trustworthy and reputable app to detects unknown calls so that you focus only on important calls by identifying who’s calling you. Many people use the app to avoid disturbing their quality and precious time by simply getting rid of spam calls through the block feature.

The app is free to download from the Google Play Store on an Android device. But, you can get Whoscall Premium in which an ad-free feature is available, and others.  


3. Truecaller App 

One of the most famous apps to detect unknown calls is the Truecaller app with over 250 million users. The app filters out unimportant calls and enables you to connect with important people. It has almost all the same features as the Whoscall app.

If you’re on the hunt for a free app to identify the name behind an unknown number or message, then the Truecaller app is a reliable one to use. It helps you to find the owner of an unknown caller and explore more about that person while protecting your info from phone scammers and spammers.

The app searches a number through a database of 2 billion phone numbers. You may find the name and other info of the person who is looking for information about the unknown caller.

Besides offering a reverse phone lookup service, the app lets you view incoming phone numbers before answering. This is quite helpful if you receive a lot of unknown and spam calls. Other features like blocking, calling, and texting are also available to provide a better experience to users. 

To use the Truecaller app, you can download it from the Google Play Store on your Android phone. Once you get the app on your smartphone, you can then always stay up-to-date about who’s calling you to determine whether it’s really important to pick up.


Search Engines

While there are plenty of ways to perform reverse cell phone lookups (apps & websites), search engines like Google might be one of the simplest and easiest approaches because the company monitors so much info already. If Google has crawled the number, then there is a decent chance that you’ll be able to locate its source. Using Google to identify the owner of a phone number is as easy as any search technique.

Let’s start…

To perform a look-up on a number through Google, just type the number into as shown in the figure. For instance, you may type “555-555-1212” to perform a reverse lookup on that number. For most searches for a phone number, you’ll get a lot of results on an immediate basis. The reason is that Google extracts the phone number from several sources and that’s why you might need to click through each link or URL to determine the correct info for that number.


Moreover, if the phone number is linked with a business, then that company will usually be displayed in the first few search results. If the business is already incorporated in Google Maps, it might show the name of the company, the phone number, and its address.

Tip: A phone number alone usually is enough to trace someone’s info. However, if you don’t get the desired results, then try to add someone additional info like a person’s name along with phone number in the search field.

For example, if you know the number belongs to Betty Copper, but you want to know more about that person like an email address, then simply add that info to the reverse number lookup, too. For instance, type “Betty Copper” at 555-444-3458.

Social Networks

Social media or networks have become an easy way to communicate with dear ones and share info. But, do you know that they can also be used to identify the number and name of someone who called you?

  • Facebook

You can take advantage of Facebook to determine just anything about someone. All you have to do is enter the phone number into the search field and see the possible results for that number. Use the Facebook search and you’ll be able to get all the profiles matching your search phone number.

  • Google Plus/Google+

Google+ isn’t as famous as Facebook, but it still can help you determine a lot of info about a person based on their number. Usually, businesses create a Google+ account to advertise or promote their products or services. Therefore, if you’re on the hunt for a phone number that belongs to someone’s business, then Google Plus is quite a helpful tool. Use the search feature of Google+ and maybe you able to find the info about the number you need.

  • LinkedIn

A new player in the world of social media, LinkedIn can help you to trace unknown numbers. It has phone numbers listed on the site, helping customers to find info about companies/businesses or contact info for different departments within companies. You can use the LinkedIn search feature to look up the phone number. It will search through personal profiles and companies and look for possible matches. 

Is It Legal to Do a Free Reverse Phone Lookup?

The short and simple answer to the question is YES, a lookup phone number is legal. There is no law against determining and finding the info using a reverse phone lookup. But, you must be careful. It’s legal to access info using a reverse phone lookup. But, there could be some rules for businesses on how to use that info.

For instance, Amazon’s Terms of Service for sellers on Amazon have particular guidelines for what they can and can’t do with the customer’s info. Violating the guidelines can get you in trouble or restrict you from selling anything on Amazon forever.

Technically, it may not be illegal to trace someone’s number. However, using someone’s email address or address without permission can madden people or portray your business image as a scam.

In short, you won’t violate any law just by accessing info with a reverse phone lookup. However, what you do with that info could get you in trouble for sure.


That’s all on reverse phone number lookup free. As you can see that several options are available to you and choosing the right one makes a difference. Happily, you now know the best to help you. Therefore, next time anybody disturbs you through an unknown number, trace the number quickly and take action against them.

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