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Tracking SMS has now become an inevitable responsibility for digital parents. This article would be a great guide for effective tracking of target gadgets flawlessly. Choosing the right and perfect monitoring app which suits your needs seems to be the greatest challenge for the present generation of parents. You can easily remotely track SMS without much difficulty. Precise and reliable tracking technology on the kid’s gadgets is the urgent need to take respective measures before the situation goes worse. It is high time to save your child, from online predators and establish a secure platform for your children to explore their capabilities in this cyber world.

Here are some of the effective apps with a feature-rich environment.

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1. Track SMS with Cocospy

If you want to try out this app then immediately visit Cocospy’s official website. This monitoring program is a prestigious product comprising innumerable functionalities to suit your needs without any compromises. You can now watch out for your near and dear ones despite the distance.

  • It serves as an intellectual spy tool to track SMS on Android devices
  • Establish complete control of the target device in three steps
  • You can spy on iPhone without any jailbreak
  • Comfortable environment and explicit controls for easy reach
  • Track locations, spy on installed apps, and trigger alerts in a stealth mode
  • You can trace out the website history and SIM location easily using this app


  • Effective supervision of the target device with reliable outcomes
  • Easy setup and mind-blowing tracking functionalities
  • Compatible with Android and iOS gadgets


  • If you want to enjoy extended features on this app then you should purchase a respective subscription based on your needs
cocospy free sms tracker for android

2. Track SMS with Mspy

It is a fabulous platform to establish monitoring activity effortlessly. It is one of the leading gadget monitoring apps which serves as a challenge to competitors. You can make use of this app to protect your lovable ones from cyber threats, supervise your employees from stealing your valuable firm’s data, etc. Take a detailed look at the features below

  • The Mspy app operates in a stealth mode and is undetectable in the target device
  • You can track SMS and calls on your child’s phone remotely
  • Find out the live location of your kid’s device on the map view
  • Mark events and meetings on the target device’s calendar which serves as a reminder
  • Keylogging functionality enables you to spy on particular words typed on the target gadget


  • Simple and easy download and installation process
  • 24/7 customer support to assist you in your time of need
  • Convenient dashboard environment to access the target gadgets remotely
  • Stable and quality tracking techniques implemented on this platform


  • You have to make the license purchase for every target device. It becomes expensive if you want to connect with multiple devices remotely
  • It is difficult to recover the data when the target phone is wiped out.
track sms with mspy

3. Track SMS with KidsGuard Pro

Get connected with this app by visiting its official website. The KidsGuard Pro is a prestigious product from the ClevGuard firm. Choosing between the spy apps is a tough task and you can make it easy by surfing through its features.

  • Track SMS on your kid’s gadget in a precise manner
  • Trace the exact location of the target phone
  • You can keep an eye on social media apps and their related texts, and multimedia files crawling on this platform
  • This app offers an SMS tracker free Call recording feature that helps you to know the conversation happening on your kid’s phone


  • It is a reliable app and easy to use
  • This application performs well on iPhone gadgets without any aided sources
  • The refund policy bring your cashback if you are not convinced about its performance


  • There is a need to purchase subscription plans if you want to make use of this app in the long run
  • Poor customer support
  • The iOS version of this app is less effective when compared to the Android version
track sms with KidsGuard pro

4. Track Text with Highster Mobile

It is a famous app and comprises dominant features of parental control applications. This tool is launched with basic and advanced features to serve the needs of the customers.

Basic Functionalities

  • Track SMS, and app activities remotely
  • Trace out the live location of the target phone
  • Supervise call history, web history, etc

Advanced Features

  • There is no need for jailbreak operation on the iPhone
  • You can uninstall this app remotely on the target gadget effortlessly
  • Existence of a Stealth Camera
  • Free SMS tracker without installing on the target phone


  • Availability of data security settings to safeguard the recorded data from the target phone
  • Ease user interface
  • A quick view of data from the control panel of the app


  • Requires subscription to access the advanced features of this app
  • An only annual subscription is available
track sms with Highster Mobile

5. Track Text with Hoverwatch

It is an excellent compatible supervising app that extends its features on Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows systems. This program meets your expectations without any complications in its operation

  • Triggers an alert message if it detects SIM card changes on the target phone
  • Allows you to take screenshots on your kid’s device
  • Tracks SMS and records call
  • Works well in the undetectable mode
  • Establish excellent GPS tracking


  • Helpful customer support
  • Convenient schemes which suit your needs
  • Ease access to the built-in functionalities


  • It is a paid app and you should purchase the perfect scheme for long-lasting results
track sms with Hoverwatch

6. FlexiSPY SMS Tracker

As its name implies it is a flexible spy app that effectively serves your needs. It is one of the popular spy apps in the digital market. Install this app and explore its functionalities and monitor the target phone flawlessly

  • Excellent supervision of the text messages and tracking SMS in an intellectual way on the target device
  • Tracks the activities of all the messenger apps installed on the kid’s phone as it offers a free SMS tracker for Android
  • Remarkable GPS location tracking feature
  • Create a safe geo-fencing for the kids
  • The keylogger feature allows you to spy on every key typed on the target phone


  • Mind-blowing features when compared to other spy apps in the digital market
  • Great customer service
  • Free trial period to learn about this tool


  • Rooting is essential on the advanced version of Android
  • You will not be able to block any websites remotely
  • The iOS version requires jailbreak
track sms with FlexiSPY

7. SPYERA SMS Tracker

It is an excellent spy app that is a great demand for digital parents. To create a safe internet zone for your kid you have to install a monitoring app on your child’s phone in a secret manner. You can now spy on your child even without their knowledge precisely.

  • Advance keylogger functionality to spy on every text type on the target phone
  • Keep an eye on the Installed apps on your kid’s gadget using this parental control tool
  • Block inappropriate apps and websites
  • Track SMS remotely
  • Activate this app in an undetectable format enabling the Invisible mode option


  • Multi-language support
  • The good customer service team
  • Excellent free SMS tracker for Android


  • Requires rooting and jailbreaking procedure
  • You can make a purchase only via credit card mode
track sms with SPYERA

8. Famisafe SMS Tracker

It is the most reliable and powerful monitoring app that hails from the giant developer Wondershare. This app performs three stunning activities like control, track, and detect. It safeguards your child 24/7 from internet monsters in an effective way.

  • Track SMS using an amazing built-in program
  • You can control the screen time of your kid
  • Block apps, websites, and inappropriate web content entering your kid’s phone
  • Track the whereabouts of your child
  • Detect suspicious activities on your kid’s gadget in a remote way
  • Keep track of the daily gadget activities of your child using the Activity Report


  • A simple three-step process to establish complete control of the kid’s device
  • Make use of a machine learning model to detect suspicious device activities
  • Effective customer support


  • Requires purchase to access a few functionalities on this app
Famisafe free sms tracker for android

9. Spyic SMS Tracker

A remote monitoring app with remarkable embedded features to explore. Stand by your kids despite distance and remotely monitor their online activities. It is the perfect time to safeguard your children from the threats of cyber monsters.

  • Fabulous options to track SMS remotely
  • Supervises text messages on your child’s device precisely
  • Get to know the whereabouts of your kid on the live map view
  • Track calls and spy on social media apps effortlessly


  • A well-structured environment for the newbie
  • The functionalities are explicit and easy to implement
  • Explicit control of free SMS tracker for Android


  • There is a pricing system to enjoy even the basic feature of this app
spyic free sms tracker for android

10. TheTruthSpy SMS Tracker

Every spy app has its unique features to support the needs of the parents. Most apps are user-friendly and you can install them easily without any effort. The Truthspy is one such app with exciting functionalities embedded in it.

  • The hidden call is recorded to save the conversion on this app
  • Track SMS and view photos and videos remotely
  • The Ambient Listener option enables you to hear the happenings around your kid


  • Quick response from the support team
  • Unique features like ambiance listener, keylogger, etc
  • Appreciable performance of the app despite external interruptions


  • Confusing price plans
  • No clear instructions on rooting and jailbreaking concepts
track sms with TheTruthSpy


Therefore, you had a great journey on unique parental control apps which occupy the digital market. It is high time to select the right product to serve your expectations. Go ahead and choose the better app and install it without any hesitation. The Cocospy app is the ultimate choice for efficient monitoring activities. You can track texts and enable the necessary features to acquire mind-blowing outcomes. Identify the right tool according to your requirement from the above list and get benefits by activating its potential features. For everlasting results, the Cocospy app is the best program. Hurry up and install the tool to protect your child from unnecessary cyber issues like cyberbullying, sexting, porn videos, game addiction, social media addiction, etc.

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