Top 7 GPS Tracker for Android Phones (2024)

“What is the best GPS tracker for Android? I wish to know the GPS location of my kid through his phone. Is it possible to learn the info with a spy app? If yes, then what are the best GPS tracking apps for Android?”

Android phones are the most popular smartphones amongst average users. This is mainly due to its accessibility and intuitiveness. Young people generally prefer to use Android phones due to such specifications. One of the handy features offered by Android is GPS, which allows users to find the required location instantly.

For a parent, the GPS feature is advantageous. It allows them to keep tabs on their children and their activities. GPS phone tracker for Android can enable parents to find the most accurate GPS location of their kid.

In this article, we will be discussing the top 7 Android GPS trackers. So, keep reading this guide and learn which cell phone monitoring app is compatible with your needs.

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mSpy – The Best GPS Tracker for Android

mSpy is one of the best GPS tracking apps for Android. The platform will display the GPS location of the target phone via Google Maps and GPS.

You will not have to root the target Android phone to enable the GPS tracker function. With the “GPS Locations” utility, you will be able to know the time when the phone was last spotted at the location and the longitude/latitude.

mpsy gps tracker for android

mSpy tracker app for Android offers suitable subscription charges to its clients. It is in addition to an excellent 24/7 customer support service. The pros and cons of the mSpy GPS tracker for Android are as follows:


  • MSpy offers unlimited device changes across all subscription plans;
  • You will be able to implement incoming call restrictions on the target phone under stealth mode;
  • The control panel is extremely intuitive.


  • The “Call Recorder” function isn’t available with the MSpy GPS tracker app.

GPS Tracker for Android – Cocospy

The Cocospy GPS tracker app for Android will show you the accurate location of your child’s phone at all times. It will display the time when the Android was present at the concerned spot and the address of the last known location. You will be able to track every activity without having to root the target device.

Cocospy gps tracker for android

Cocospy – The Android GPS tracker will monitor the phone’s call records, social media accounts, and browsing history. The service is cost-effective and offers its services to spy on iOS-based devices as well. Please check the handy pros and cons list of Cocospy to learn more about the GPS tracker for Android.


  • You will find every relevant information related to the target phone on the “Dashboard” of Cocospy’s control panel;
  • It will not ask you to root/jailbreak your Android device and iPhone to use the GPS feature;
  • You can track the GPS whereabouts of a maximum of three devices with Cocospy.


  • The call recording feature is unavailable with Cocospy.

Spyic Android Tracking App

Spyic is among the top tracking apps for Android due to its precise and efficient GPS tracking feature. The app will display the following information when you click on “Locations” from the Dashboard of Spyic’s Control Panel:

  • Address – The info on the place where the target phone was last spotted;
  • Latitude and Longitude – The accurate geographical coordinates of the Android phone
  • Google Map – The visual representation of the address where the phone last became active;
  • Location Time – The time when the phone was used at a specific address.
Spyic Android Tracking App

Spyic will also allow you to check the multimedia files stored on the target device. Moreover, you will be able to access vital data related to various social media accounts from the phone. Here are the specific pros and cons of the Spyic GPS tracker for Android.


  • The app doesn’t ask you to root or jailbreak the device to enable advanced features;
  • The subscription plan for three devices is low-priced;
  • The whole platform is easy to manage for users of all backgrounds.


  • The Basic Plan needs more cell phone monitoring features

Android GPS Tracker – KidsGuard Pro

Kidsguard Pro is a 100% undetectable spying tool that is also a very efficient GPS tracker. The vital functions of Kidsguard Pro, such as the built-in GPS and Wi-Fi logger, will give the precise whereabouts of the target phone. The accuracy of the phone’s present location is made possible with the help of Google Maps.

KidsGuard Pro Tracker App

Kidsguard Pro GPS tracker app supports the monitoring of iOS-based devices. You also wouldn’t have to jailbreak or root the target device to utilize the features of the app entirely.


  • It is incredibly low-priced;
  • The customer care program is fully supportive and available to assist you 24/7;


  • You will only be able to track the GPS location of just a single Android device with all of Kidsguard Pro’s subscription plans.

Hoverwatch Phone GPS Tracker App

The Hoverwatch Phone Spying App can allow you to track the GPS location of your child’s phone with extreme accuracy. It works with the help of Wi-Fi signals and GPS that precisely portray the whereabouts of the target phone.

Hoverwatch Phone GPS Tracker App

The application supports Android, Windows, and macOS X. Moreover, the app interface is user-friendly, which will allow you to track the phone’s social media activities and browser history. Please review the list of pros and cons of the app to verify its utilities.


  • Hoverwatch is simple to manage for everyone.
  • The platform will offer you to monitor as many as 25 devices with just a single account;


  • Rooting the Android device is essential to enable social media monitoring.

GPS Tracker for Android – SpyEra

SpyEra is among our picks for the best GPS tracker app for Android. The service opportunely allows you to keep track of the target Android device or iPhone. You can remotely check the location of such devices through your Windows PC or macOS computer.

SpyEra GPS Tracker App

SpyEra’s advanced features will allow you to check your social media endeavors, call logs, and browsing history. Moreover, it will allow you to turn on the microphone of the target device and record every conversation. The pros and cons list of SpyEra GPS Tracker for Android is as follows:


  • It is 100% unnoticeable;
  • It has a powerful call recording feature.
  • You will get a 10-day money-back guarantee after purchasing the app.


  • Monitoring an iPhone is not straightforward with SpyEra.

Android GPS Tracker – FlexiSPY

One of the famous names in the smartphone tracking business is FlexiSpy. The GPS tracker for Android is fully capable of providing you with the exact location of the Android phone. FlexiSpy is compatible with all popular platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS.

FlexiSPY Phone Tracker App

The app doesn’t leave a trace of evidence on the target Android phone. It means the user will have no idea that they are being tracked by someone through FlexiSpy. It can spy on social media accounts and keep notes on the browsing history of your kid’s phone. Here is the list of pros and cons that will guide you the right way in purchasing the app:


  • It is one of the top hidden GPS trackers for Android;
  • FlexiSpy has a live recording feature;
  • The app has more advanced functions than any other GPS tracker app.


  • The service is a bit expensive.


If you’re a parent, it is understandable that you wish to know more about the activities of your child. For that, smartphone spy apps provide useful services. GPS tracking is an essential feature of any cell phone monitoring application. Within a matter of seconds, you will be able to know the real-time location of your kid’s Android phone.

However, it is necessary to use the best GPS tracker for Android. In this article, we have discussed everything about the top 7 GPS phone trackers for Android. The guide will allow you to judge which platform is most suitable for your needs.

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