How to Hack iPhone Text Messages Remotely in 2020


Most iPhone lovers rely on their gadget’s security system more than Android devices. They opt for the iPhone due to the salient security features. If you explore in the digital market you will come know powerful spying apps with mind-blowing features, which can intrude any devices easily. You can hack iPhone messages within few minutes remotely in a precise way using effective spy apps The parents, employers are the common customers for these spy apps.

Part Ⅰ Why Do People Need to Hack an iPhone?

You might be wondering why you want to hack an iPhone. When you spy an iPhone, then you can hack iPhone messages, multimedia files, documents, and social media chats, and the list goes on.

Hacking the kid’s iPhone will assist the parents to monitor their gadget and online activities remotely. They can take immediate action when their kids are into any unexpected cyber issues.
An employer can hack their employees’ iPhone to ensure there is no leakage of the organization’s confidential data. The employer will be able to build trust in their employees by monitoring their online activities without their knowledge.
Some people want to hack their spouse’s iPhone to know whether they have extramarital affairs. By monitoring their messages, social media chats they will be able to figure out the integrity of their spouse.

Part Ⅱ How to Hack iPhone messages Without Having Their Phone?

It is possible to hack iPhone messages without accessing the gadgets manually and even without the knowledge of the owner. This statement surely triggers your inquisitiveness to explore such technique to remote access iPhone in an effective manner. If you take a quick look at the Google search, you will end up with a list of spying apps in the digital market. Every tool is unique and you will find it difficult to reach out for the reliable app.
An introduction on few spy apps are given below :

1. mSpy

This spy app is compatible with iPhone and monitors messages, calls, and online activities on the target device remotely. It is one of the leading parental control apps in the current market. There is a free trial version for the beginners to explore its feature before purchasing the subscription.

It is enough if you walk through the three steps to learn more about this app. The first step is to download the app, the second step is to install and set up the tool according to the built-in instructions. Finally, the last step guides you to commence your monitoring tasks on the target device quickly.

2. FlexiSPY

It is a powerful spying tool compatible with PC, Tablets, and iOS gadgets. This app offers users with hassle-free installation with more monitoring features. You can monitor everything on the target phone irrespective of your location. The FlexiSpy app hack iPhone messages, record calls, sends alerts when it detects suspicious texts on the target device, monitors social media chats, tracks location etc.

This app serves as a boon for digital parents. You can view the gadget activities of your kids at home when you are at office, during shopping etc. Effective monitoring on your child’s iPhone is possible anytime and anywhere if you have FlexiSpy in your gadget. The entire spying occurs remotely without any manual access to the target device.

3. iKeyMonitor

It is a user-friendly parental control app. This spy app safeguards the kids from online threats like cyberbullying, porn, adult content websites etc. It filters the negative aspects of the internet and offers a positive phase of it for the kids to explore their skills beyond boundaries. The Internet has become an inevitable source for learning and iKeyMonitor app provides the children secure cyberspace.

The iKeyMonitor app helps you to hack iPhone messages, social media chats, call logs, location details, Wi-Fi-connected data, documents, multimedia files etc on your kid’s gadget in a well-secured channel.

Here the hacking occurs within a protective wall to avoid unnecessary cyber issues in future. This app ensures there is no leakage of the hacked data across cyberspace. The data moves only between the parent gadget and the connected device and there are no interruptions by external hackers.

4. Spyera

It is the best spy app for iPhone. The Spyera is an award-winning parental control app with fabulous built-in features. You can clarify your queries related to this app using the live chat at its official website. This tool supports Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone etc.


This monitoring app advanced features for remote gadget access. It is a non-intrusive tool, which updates the online activities of the target device optimally. This platform offers their valuable customers with discounts on subscription cost. You can avail for this discount at the right time before it expires. This parental control app works well on the Android 4 and above version gadgets and iOS 6 and above iPhone.

Part Ⅲ Detailed Steps on How to Access someone’s Text Message

Here you will learn how to make use of XNSPY parental control app to hack iPhone messages:
Step 1: Official download
Go to the official website of XNSPY and download the app. You will receive a mail containing registration code, which is necessary at the time of installation.

XNSPY tracker download site

Step 2: Enter the Source page
In your iPhone, select the ‘Cydia’ icon and tap the ‘Source’ option at the bottom of the screen. You must tap the ‘Edit’ option at the top right side of the screen

enter the source page

Step 3: Add APT URL
Select ‘Add’ option in the upper left side. A new window pops out requesting you to enter the APT URL. You will receive this iOS URL in your mail soon after the app download. Then, click ‘Add Source’ button.

add APT URL as the Source

The URL verification takes place followed by updating the new source.

updating the url  as the new resource

Step 4: Return to Cydia
After the updating process, you should click ‘Return to Cydia’ and then select ‘Monitoring App repo’.

Monitoring app repo

Step 5: Follow the chain
In the next screen, you must select ‘System-> iPhone monitoring app ‘and then click ‘Install’ option at the top-right

iPhone monitoring app install

Step 6: Wait for the process to complete
You should tap the ‘Confirm’ button and wait for few minutes until the process completes. In the following screen, you should select ‘Restart Springboard’ button.

restart springboard

Step 7: Enter the Activation code
In the home screen of the iPhone, choose ‘System Task’ option and then enter the activation code. During the download process, you will receive a mail containing the activation code. Then you must click ‘Activate’ button.

enter the track app activation code

Step 8: Make it undetectable
You have to tick the checkbox with the label Hide the XNSPY app icon to make it undetectable and click ‘Ok’ button.

hide the  XNSPY app icon

Step 9: Start Monitoring
Now, open the dashboard of XNSPY app and select ‘Text messages’ at the left pane of the screen. You will view the relevant messages on the right side along with time and date details.

monitor text messages logs

Part Ⅳ Amazing Features of Spy Apps Other Than Monitoring Messages

Some of the key features of Spy Apps
• You can create a Geo-fence to safeguard the kids from danger zones
• Real-time location tracking is possible with spy app
• There are options to block inappropriate apps remotely on the target device
• Improve time management skills using the ‘Schedule’ feature
• Set ‘Screen Time’ to limit the gadget usage
• Get alerts when you kid receive any suspicious texts or pictures
• Record precise data like call logs, frequency of apps usage, time spent on social media websites etc.

Note: According to the cyber branch Police officials, when you try to spy on unknown person’s gadget it is a cybercrime and subject to punishable as per the law. The spy apps are applicable for parents, employers, and married men/women, Police officials for investigation purpose etc. If you make use of this app to spy on the unknown person’s phone then it comes under the punishable act.


Therefore, you had a clear idea on spy apps of the iPhone with the help of this article. Now you can hack iPhone messages of your kids and teens easily with the help of effective spy apps in the digital market. Make use of the right app for reliable results. Access your kid’s gadget remotely without their knowledge anywhere and anytime. Explore the remarkable features of the spy apps and utilize it optimally. The feature-rich spy apps assist you to monitor various aspects in gadget usage. You must take respective measures on time using spy app to protect your kids from the threats of unknown sources at the cyber world.

How to Hack iPhone Text Messages Remotely in 2020

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