How do you see someones location on iPhone without letting them know about it?

If a similar query about tracking iOS or Android devices has brought you here, then consider all your doubts resolved. Let’s face it – there are times when we all wish to keep an eye on our kids, partner, friends, etc. remotely but we can’t call them all the time. In this case, you can use a dedicated iPhone location tracker to keep an eye on them. Here, I will let you know how to track an iPhone in three smart ways. Let’s get it started!

Part 1: How to See Someones Location on iPhone using Find My Friends?

Find My Friends is a native iOS feature that lets us track our friends and family on our iPhone. Once you have included a contact in your friend’s list, you can remotely view their location on your iOS device. If you want, you can also set geofences for them and get alerts when they leave/enter the area. Though, this option will only work if both the users have iOS devices. To learn how to locate someone using Find My Friends, follow these steps:

  • 1. Firstly, go to the Find My Friends app on your device and tap on your profile to start sharing your location.
Find My Friends app 1
  • 2. Once the location sharing feature is enabled, go back to the app and tap on the “Add Friends” button. This will let you look for the people you wish to add from your contact list.
Find My Friends app 2
  • 3. After selecting a contact, just send them a request for location sharing and also select for how long you wish to the location.
Find My Friends app 3
  • 4. Lastly, you have to access their device to enable the location sharing feature on the app or ask them to do that. Afterward, you can also set certain geofences for them to get immediate alerts.
Find My Friends app 4
  • 5. That’s it! Now you can just go to your Find My Friends app to find their current location by phone number. Just tap on their profile icon from its home and it would load the exact location of their device.
Find My Friends app 5

Part 2: How to Find Someones Location with Find My iPhone?

Find My iPhone is another service introduced by Apple to locate an iOS device remotely. Ideally, Find My iPhone helps us locate a lost or stolen device, but you can also take its assistance to track its user. To learn how to locate iPhone using this, you need to know their iCloud credentials beforehand. Once you have the iCloud account access, you can visit it on any device and track their whereabouts. To learn how to find someone’s location using Find My iPhone, follow these steps:

  • 1. To begin with, access the target iPhone, go to its Settings, and tap on their Apple ID. Now, browse to their iCloud settings and make sure the Find My iPhone feature is enabled.
Find Someones Location with Find My iPhone 1
  • 2. To learn how to track an iPhone, just visit the official website of iCloud on any device and log-in to the same iCloud account that is linked to their device.
  • 3. After when you log-in to their iCloud account, just access the Find My iPhone feature from its home.
Find Someones Location with Find My iPhone 2
  • 4. This will load a map on its interface to locate the target device. If you have multiple devices synced to the account, then click on the “All Device” dropdown option from the top and select the target iPhone.
Find Someones Location with Find My iPhone 3

In no time, the exact live location of the target iPhone would be displayed on the interface. Though, the phone should be connected to an active internet connection for you to locate it.

Part 3: See Someones Location (and Location History) on iPhone with Cocospy

Although the above-listed apps are inbuilt on iOS devices, they are not that reliable as the other user can turn off location sharing whenever they want. If you are looking for a more trusted solution to track someone on your iPhone, then consider using Cocospy. It is a dedicated location tracking app that supports leading iOS and Android devices. Ideally, you can use Cocospy to track any Android/iOS device on your iPhone without root/jailbreak access.

  • You can go to its web-based dashboard and check the exact coordinates of their device.
  • It will also list the address of the place, the duration of the visit, and even their device stats.
  • If you want, you can set multiple geofences and get notified for their check-ins and check-outs.
  • There is also a provision to check the location history for the last 30 days of the device on the Cocospy dashboard.
  • Since Cocospy supports a stealth mode, you can use it to learn how to locate someone without getting detected.

To know how to see someones location on iPhone using Cocospy, just follow this simple drill.

Step 1: Get a Cocospy account

If you don’t have a Cocospy account already, then just visit its website and create one. Here, you need to enter a valid email id, set up a strong password, and select the type of device you wish to track.

how to see someones location on iphone with cocospy 1

Step 2(a): To track an iPhone

During its setup wizard, if you have selected iPhone as the target device, then you will get the following screen. Here, you need to enter the credentials of the same iCloud account that is linked to the target device.

how to see someones location on iphone 2

After successfully logging-in, the interface will give you an option to extract the saved iCloud backup on it.

how to see someones location on iphone 3

Step 2(b): To track an Android

If the target device is an Android, then you have to access it once and go to its security settings so that you can download apps from unknown sources.

how to see someones location on android

Apart from that, go to your Google Account’s Settings > Security & Location > Play Protect. From here, turn off the feature for “Scan device for security threats” and “Improve harmful app detection”.

how to see someones location on android 2

That’s it! Now you can just launch a web browser, go to the official source of Cocospy, and download its device tracker. Afterward, you can grant your browser permission to install Cocospy on the device.

how to see someones location on android 3

Now, you can just launch the Cocospy device tracker and log-in to your account. Please make sure that you grant it all the needed permissions and hide the app icon in the end (to run it in stealth mode).

how to see someones location on android 4

Step 3: Find current location by phone number remotely

To track their iPhone or Android, you can go to the Cocospy web-based dashboard on any device of yours. You can go to the “Locations” feature here to track the real-time location of their smartphone.

find current location by phone number

What more can you do with Cocospy?

Apart from location tracking, here are some other features of Cocospy that you would enjoy:

  • You can keep a record of their contacts or call logs and view them remotely.
  • It would also record all the sent and received text messages with timestamps and contact details.
  • You can remotely view their browsing history and web searches without letting them know.
  • On its dashboard, you can access the saved media (like photos and videos) on their phone.
  • It will also let you monitor the social media activities of popular apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • You can take the screenshots of the device and check what they are doing on their phone invisibly.
  • There is also a sophisticated keylogger installed that will let you monitor their account credentials, deleted texts, and every other keystroke.

cocospy features

I hope that after reading this guide on how to track an iPhone/Android, you would be able to meet your requirements. As you can see, I have listed three different ways on how to find someone’s location remotely. Since Cocospy is a more reliable option, I would recommend it instead of other apps. You can try its free demo if you want to and feel free to share this guide with others to teach them how to locate someone on iPhone like a pro!

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