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What are the top internet history tracker apps? I wish to know what my child is doing on the internet, but I don’t know how to track internet history on a cell phone. How can I use an internet history tracking app to learn the information?

Your web browser records everything that you do online. From your account information across different platforms to what URLs you access, you will find all these things on the browser.

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Many concerned parents wish to know whether their child is accessing safe content on the internet or not. For that, many internet history tracking apps can help them by providing information related to their child’s browsing history. In this article, you will learn about the top 6 apps to track internet history.

Top 6 Internet History Tracking Apps

Protecting their children from harm is often considered the primary job of a parent. They must keep a bird’s eye view of the type of content or websites their child is opening on the internet from their phone. However, it is quite tough to do surveillance of such sort without the other person knowing.

It is where internet history tracking apps come in, which guarantee anonymity with 100% efficiency to perform the job. Here are the names and brief features of the top 6 apps to track internet history.

1. MSpy Internet History Tracking App

Number one on our list of the best internet history tracking apps is MSpy. It is an app with an efficient and intuitive interface that will guide all those people who do not know how to track internet history on a cell phone. It doesn’t matter if the device is an Android or an iPhone, MSpy will track the location of any target device with utmost precision.


Other than monitoring internet history, MSpy will spy on call logs, text messages, and social media accounts of the target phone. The application is cost-effective for every type of customer. The pros and cons of the MSpy internet history monitoring app are as follows:


  • MSpy has a 24/7 customer care service that allows you to change unlimited devices to track their internet browsing history;
  • MSpy is reasonably priced, and you will be able to use the Browsing History features with even the standard package.


  • The basic package doesn’t offer social media tracking of the target device.

2. Cocospy Internet History Tracker

You can learn the browsing history from the target phone with the Cocospy internet history tracking app, which Is available for both Android and iPhone. The app will show you a list of the most-visited websites by your child, along with their descriptions. The feature will also provide you with direct access to the timestamps and bookmarks of the target phone.


One of the handiest features of the Cocospy phone spying app is finding the accurate last known location of any device. Other than that, the app will keep call and text logs, track FB/WhatsApp/Snapchat messages, and much more. Here are the pros and cons of Cocospy internet history tracker:


  • The browsing history tracker will reveal the number of times your child has visited a specific website;
  • The Demo Mode of the Cocospy spying app will allow you to test the interface of the app which will make it easier for you to purchase it;
  • You wouldn’t have to root the Android phone to enable monitoring.


  • The basic subscription plan of Cocospy will only allow you to monitor one Android or iPhone device.

3. KidsGuard Pro App to Track Internet History

Kidsguard Pro has an advanced internet tracking feature that can learn the domain names, URLs, and frequency of the visited websites in no time. The app will perform the activity while remaining hidden from suspecting eyes and keeping your identity anonymous.  


The utility of Kidsguard Pro doesn’t end up spying on the browsing history of the target phone. It is because the app can check call logs, monitor the social media chat history of your child, and track their phone’s GPS locations. The annual subscription package of Kidsguard Pro is highly affordable. You can check the following pros and cons of the app to understand its utilities a bit better:


  • It is affordable, and you can use it on both Android and iPhone;
  • The app is user-friendly, and each feature is just one click away from you;


  • Despite the affordable package plans, the app only allows you to monitor one device.

4. Highster Mobile Browsing History Tracker

There are only a rare number of user interfaces for phone spying apps than the UI of the Highster Mobile browsing app. The exceptionally intuitive interface will allow you to monitor the web browsing activities done on the target phone in real time. The app has a whole line of internet activities features, including blocking specific websites and learning the browsing, and Wi-Fi network history of the target phone.


The other efficient phone spying functions of the Highster Mobile app are monitoring incoming calls and texts, learning social media chat history, and viewing multimedia files. You will find the app for both Android and iOS devices at low-priced rates. The pros and cons of the Highster Mobile browsing history tracker are as follows:


  • You only have to pay one time to get the full services of the app;
  • It will not ask you to root the Android device to enable browsing history monitoring.


  • The customer service of the app needs to improve.

5. Browsing History Tracker – FlexiSPY App

Being able to know what your child is doing on the internet with their device is essential, and it is where FlexiSPY comes in to help. The app can learn information on all websites visited by your child’s Android and iPhone devices. You will find every data related to the internet browsing history of the phone on the dashboard of the control panel.


FlexiSPY can also record calls, track the social media activities of the person, and pinpoint the last known location of the phone. The service is functional on both Android and iOS-based smartphones and carries cost-effective pricing plans. Here are some vital pros and cons of flexiSPY:


  • It is gainful for the user of every background;
  • The Android version of FlexiSPY has more than 150 features to monitor the activities of the target phone.


  • It requires you to root and jailbreak your Android device and iPhone fully.

6. Hoverwatch Internet History Tracking App

Hoverwatch internet history tracker can spy on the browsing activities of the target phone with utmost accuracy. The best thing is that you wouldn’t have to enable the feature as it will function by default for you. The app is available across both iPhone and Android and carries a simplistic user interface.


You can track more than one device with a professional and business subscription plan. The utility does not end here as all of the packages of the Hoverwatch internet history tracker are low-priced and possess a ton of advanced features. These functions include recording calls, tracking SMS, and learning social media history from the target phone. Please check the following pros and cons of the app for your convenience:


  • The spy app has a fantastic UI suited for users of minimal technical background;
  • Hoverwatch is incredibly low-priced and allows you to track as many as 25 devices at once.


  • Rooting the Android device is needed to spy on social media activities.


No matter how much you try to avoid malicious content on the internet, it will still find its way to your child’s mobile device. It is up to you to arrange for preventative measures to block such sites or platforms from popping up.

Using a spy app that can track internet browsing history is among such precautionary measures. We have selected and discussed the utilities of the top 6 internet history tracking apps that also allow you to block specific websites. Moreover, these apps have the complete ability to do other kinds of online monitoring for you to make sure that your child is safe wherever they go.

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