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“What is the best iPhone tracker app out there? I want to learn how to track someone’s iPhone, but I don’t want them to know about it!”

If a similar query about iPhone tracker has brought you here, then this would be an ideal guide for you. It doesn’t matter if you are a parent or a concerned spouse, you might wish to use an iPhone tracking app for different reasons. Apart from tracking an iPhone location, there are solutions that can also help you access tons of device details as well. In this post, I’m going to teach you how to track an iPhone in 7 different ways so that you can keep an eye on others without getting detected.

Method 1: The Easy Ways to Track iPhone Location without People Knowing

To start with, I’m going to list some of the easiest methods to find iPhone location without installing any iPhone tracking app. In this, we will use the inbuilt iOS features to learn how to see someone’s location on iPhone.

Solution #1: Track iPhone Location with Find My Friends App

Find My Friends in the native iPhone tracking app installed on every iPhone by default. To use it, you need to first add your contacts to your circle and can later start sharing your location with them. Though, the other user would have to approve your request beforehand and can stop sharing their location whenever they want.

1.To begin with, you can just launch the Find My Friends application on your iPhone, tap on your profile, and enable the location sharing feature.

iphone tracker Find My Friends

2. Now, you need to add the contact whose location you wish to track. For this, launch the application again and tap on the “Add Friends” feature.

iphone tracker Find My Friends

3. This will automatically display a list of your contacts using the Find My Friends app. From here, just enter the name of the contact and choose the duration to share their location.

iphone tracker Find My Friends

4. In the end, you just have to access their iPhone, go to the Find My Friends app and approve your request. You can do the same to start sharing their location with you and even enable the real-time check-in and check-out alerts for a specific location (like your home).

iphone tracker Find My Friends

Solution #2: Find Location on iPhone via Find my iPhone

Find my iPhone is another inbuilt application on iOS devices to locate them remotely. Mostly, this iPhone tracker is used to locate a lost or stolen iOS device by linking it to an active iCloud account. Though, if you know their iCloud account credentials, then you can also access this feature as an iPhone GPS tracker. To learn how to see someone’s location on iPhone via Find My iPhone, follow these steps:

1. Firstly, make sure that the Find my iPhone feature is enabled on their iPhone. To do this, access their iPhone, go to its iCloud Settings > Find My iPhone and turn it on.

iphone tracker Find my iPhone

2. Now, whenever you wish to track iPhone location, just go to the iCloud website and log-in to the iCloud account that is linked to the device. Click on the “Find My iPhone” feature from the welcome screen of iCloud.

iphone tracker Find my iPhone

3. This will launch a map-like interface on the screen letting you locate the linked iPhone. You can click on the “All Devices” section, select the linked iPhone, and view its present location on the screen.

iphone tracker Find my iPhone

Solution #3: Enable the “Share My Location” Feature on their iPhone

This is another smart solution to find iPhone location of someone else with their consent. In this, we will first enable the Share My Location feature on the iOS device and let iMessage access our location. Later, while chatting with a contact of iMessage, we can share our live location with them. While the feature was introduced as a safety option, it can also help you track iPhone location of someone else.

1. Unlock the iOS device and go to its Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Turn on the Location Services feature and tap on the “Share My Location” option as well to enable it.

iphone tracker Find my iPhone

2. Again, go to Privacy > Location Services and under the list of apps using the device’s location, select Messages. From here, you can let the Messages app access your location while using the app.

iphone tracker Find my iPhone

3. Great! Now, while chatting with someone else, you can just share your current location with them. You can also type the “I’m at” keyword to get the shortcut for sharing your live location with the contact.

iphone tracker Find my iPhone

Method 2: How to Track iPhone Location using Famisafe

Although the above-listed methods are free, but they are not that reliable as the targeted user would know that you are tracking them and they can even stop sharing their location.

To resolve this, you can just try FamiSafe, which is a popular parental control and monitoring tool. Using it, you can remotely know the location of the target device and even set geofences on it. In this way, you can access the iPhone tracker to know their real-time location and would get alerts whenever they would leave or enter a location. To learn how to track iPhone location using FamiSafe, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Download FamiSafe on both devices

Firstly, you can go to the App or Play Store on the target iPhone and your device to install the FamiSafe application.

Track iPhone Location using FamiSafe

Once the best iPhone tracker app is installed, you can launch it, and log-in to your account on both the devices. If you have not created your FamiSafe account, then you can go to its website and buy its subscription.

Track iPhone Location using FamiSafe

Step 2: Configure the target iPhone

As you would launch FamiSafe on both the devices, you would have to mark your device (as Parents) and the target iPhone (as Kids).

Track iPhone Location using FamiSafe

On the target iPhone, you need to grant the application different permissions to access the device details so that you can remotely track its location.

Track iPhone Location using FamiSafe

Step 3: Start tracking their location

That’s it! Once you have completed the initial setup, you can go to the FamiSafe iPhone tracking app on your phone and view their live location. Furthermore, you can also access their calls, contacts, social media info, call logs, and so much more.

Track iPhone Location using FamiSafe

Method 3: How to Track iPhone Location with SPYERA

SPYERA is a popular iPhone tracker that you can use to keep a real-time eye on someone’s location. Apart from that, you can also access their device details like calls, contacts, messages, photos, videos, and so much more. With SPYERA, you can also set geofences on a location and get alerts whenever the user would leave or enter the area. Since it runs in a stealth mode, you can use SPYERA to learn how to track an iPhone without them knowing. The only catch is that you need to jailbreak the target device to use this iPhone tracking app.

Step 1: Get your SPYERA account

To start using SPYERA, you need to get an active subscription that you can buy from its official website. Just make sure that you get the iOS version’s license and that it should be compatible with your iPhone model.

Track iPhone Location with SPYERA

Step 2: Install SPYERA on the target iPhone

After that, you need to access the target iPhone and jailbreak it by using any freely available tool. You can also get in touch with a SPYERA customer representative to help you jailbreak the device. Once the phone is jailbroken, you can use Cydia to download the installation package of SPYERA.

Track iPhone Location with SPYERA

Go to the official website of SPYERA to download the application and complete the installation of the iPhone tracker. You can launch it, log-in to your SPYERA account, and grant it all the needed permissions to track the device.

Track iPhone Location with SPYERA

Step 3: Track the target iPhone remotely

That’s it! After completing the installation, you can go to the web-based dashboard of SPYERA and access its features. For instance, there is a solution to use iPhone GPS tracker to access their live location and several other options.

Track iPhone Location with SPYERA

Method 4: How to Track iPhone Location by IMEI Number

You might already know that IMEI is a unique code that is assigned to every smartphone (Android or iPhone). Therefore, you can use the IMEI number to know the actual location of the device. Although, the technique would not work to get their real-time location and might only display their original or registered location. Nevertheless, you can take the assistance of an IMEI tracker on iPhone in the following way.

1. If you don’t know the IMEI number of the device, then go to its Settings > About Phone and note its IMEI number. You can also view it from the back of the device or just call *#06# to get its IMEI number.

Track iPhone Location by IMEI Number

2. Afterward, you can use any freely available tool to know the device’s location through its IMEI number. There are various mobile apps out there as well as websites where you need to enter the IMEI number to know the location of the respective device.

Track iPhone Location by IMEI Number

Method 5: Track an iPhone with GPS Location Tracker for iPhone and iPad

Lastly, you can also take the assistance of a reliable GPS location tracking app for iOS to view the live location of the device. There are several readily available iPhone tracking apps that you can download from the App Store. For instance, FollowMee GPS Location Tracker is a popular application that you can download on the target device to locate it remotely.

Track an iPhone with GPS Location Tracker

The app is available for free and supports leading devices running on iOS 9 and later versions. Once the app is configured, it will keep updating you with the new location coordinates of the device so that you can track their iPhone remotely.


This brings us to the end of this extensive guide on how to track someone’s iPhone in different ways. As you can see, solutions like Find My Friends or Find My iPhone are not that reliable and it is recommended to use a dedicated iPhone tracking app like SPYERA or FamiSafe. You can try either of these solutions and even explore other methods as well to learn how to track an iPhone location. Feel free to try these iPhone trackers and share your experience with our readers too!

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