A Complete Review of Mobistealth Mobile Tracking App

If you are thinking of purchasing Mobistealth to track your child’s smartphone and wish to know more about it, then read this review. We will help you find the answer by comparing it with a suitable alternative tracking app, called Spyic.

In this post, we will review whether Mobistealth is good enough for you or not. We will also check into some facts on Spyic if it is a better alternative to the Mobistealth app.

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What Is Mobistealth App?

Mobistealth is one of the most trusted apps by parents and other concerned individuals to monitor smartphone activities. The platform is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows PC, and Mac computers.


The spying app is capable of offering its users remote access to the target phone 24/7. In addition to that, the parents will be able to keep records of all social media activities occurring on the device. The social media apps that Mobistealth can monitor are Facebook, Snapchat Whatsapp, Viber, and Line.

Mobistealth has a high-functioning interface that is simple and secure. You will be able to use the platform within a few minutes of signing up. In this next section of the post, we will look into some of the pros and cons of Mobistealth. It will allow you to decide whether to invest in the service or not!

Mobistealth Review: The Pros and Cons of Mobistealth

Looking into the pros and cons list usually eases the decision-making process. If the pros outnumber the cons, then you can spend your money with your eyes closed. However, if the cons outweigh the pros, then It is best to look for a better alternative than to invest in something that isn’t worth the trouble.

We have arranged for an informative pros and cons list of Mobistealth for you to check. By the end of reading this post, you will be ready to make a decision!

The pros and cons list of Mobistealth Android monitoring software is as follows:


  • It is one of the oldest apps in the business, which has earned it a hefty reputation and a large consumer base;
  • The built-in GPS function is accurate and allows the parents to keep keeps on their children in real-time;
  • Mobistealth offers a 15-day money-back guarantee.


  • Mobistealth pricing plans are a bit on the higher side;
  • The app has no facility to use the mic or camera of the target phone in real time.

The Best MobiStealth Alternative App for Monitoring Cellphone Remotely – Spyic

Though Mobistealth is a very handy app to track someone else’s smartphone activities, it has its shortcomings. For that reason, you can check out another useful mobile phone tracking app which is Spyic. In this section of the article, we will share different aspects of the Spyic smartphone tracker. These characteristics include how Spyic works, the app’s possibilities, and user reviews.

Spyic app

Spyic Possibilities

Spyic is an easy-to-use mobile tracking software. It is cost-effective and offers all the top features to spy on the target Android or iOS devices. The platform can track SMS and calls like none other.

Many other platforms usually require the user to root or jailbreak the target smartphone. However, this isn’t the case with Spyic as you can monitor social apps.

You can remotely and accurately find out the GPS location of someone else’s phone with Spyic. The stealth mode of Spyic makes it 100% undetectable.

How Does Spyic Work?

As described earlier, the Spyic mobile tracker is easy to use, thanks to its intuitive user interface. You only need three steps to start tracking the whereabouts of someone else’s device. The steps to use Spyic are as follows:

 Step 1. Purchase Spyic

You’d need to subscribe to Spyic before getting a go at its features. For that, access the official website of the spy app and click on “Buy Now.” After that, select which platform you need to monitor, Android, or iOS. Select and click on the pricing plan that is suitable to your budget.

Spyic pricing

Step 2. Install Spyic on the Target Device

Pick the target Android or iOS device and install the Spyic app on it. Enter your login credentials after adding the app to the device.

install Spyic

Step 3. Access the Control Panel of Spyic to Monitor the Target Device Remotely

Now open the control panel of the service by entering your account details. This action will lead you to the “Dashboard” of the control panel. From there, you will be able to monitor every activity occurring on the target phone.

What are the Customers Saying about Spyic?

Trust Pilot is a top consumer review platform. Users of every background can rate apps that they use according to their liking. Spyic has generated a 96% positive rating out of more than 1400 reviews on the platform. At the same time, Mobistealth has gotten 58% bad reviews.

According to customer reviews, Spyic is secure and user-friendly. It is a must-have app if you are a concerned parent looking to keep a close eye on their child.

Final Verdict

We have checked every small and large aspect of both the Mobistealth and Spyic mobile tracking apps. According to an independent review and looking at what the customers are saying, we conclude that Spyic is a better option. The platform is cost-effective and offers vital features with even its basic plan.

Taking nothing away from Mobistealth, the platform needs to update its pricing policy to attract the average user. The Mobistealth problem lies with it asking the user to root or jailbreak the device to monitor chat logs in Skype and Viber. Whereas, nothing of the sort is needed with Spyic.

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