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Why do you want to track a cell phone location online? What is the need to do it? You will be inquisitive to find the current location of mobile number in Google map online during the following scenarios as follows:

  • When you lose your costlier mobile phone accidentally
  • The police officials track the cell phones of the criminals and accuse personnel to supervise their moves
  • The parents want to monitor the online activities of their kids and teens. They want to protect their kids from nearby danger zones
  • To safeguard the confidentiality of the organization, the employer tracks the cell phone location details of the employee for security reasons

The above situations compel you to track the cell phone location by number.

The questions that arise in your mind when you try to track location using the mobile number:

  • Does the tracking occur precisely?
  • Do the person whom you track is aware of this process?
  • How do you establish the tracking process in an effective manner?
  •  Do the tracked data is reliable?

Part 1:  How do you track a cell phone using Google Earth?

Do you have any idea about Google Earth? Here are a few facts about Google Earth:

  • It is a computer program which provides a three-dimensional view of Earth
  • This 3D image is bombarded with satellite image, aerial photography, GIS data etc
  • This program is compatible with Windows, Android, Mac, iOS platforms
  • You can make use of  Keyhole Markup Language  to customize the program
  • Provides a clear view of the Earth’s surface
  • Additional features available to explore Moon and Mars
  • It is possible to zoom into street view if necessary
  • Certain countries ban this program for national security purpose
  • 80 clicks on Google earth is sufficient to travel worldwide

This program undergoes revisions periodically and it blooms with add-on features to meet the expectations of the users. You can also find tips on tours under the title ‘Voyager’ contributed by scientists and documentarians around the globe.

How to Track a Cell Phone using Google Earth

The Google Earth program serves as a reliable Google cell phone tracker online free tool.

Step 1: Visit the official website of ‘Google Latitude’ in your web browser or you can download the widget in your phone.

Google Earth cell phone tracker
Googlee latitude

Step 2: Open the widget by tapping its icon and import your Google contacts by entering the Google credentials. You will be able to view your friend’s location those who make use of this program.

Google contacts friend's location

Step 3: You can add friends by clicking the ‘Add friends’ button at the bottom of the screen.

Google location add friends

Step 4: Your friends will receive an invitation to download this program. When they accept this invite then you can track their location through this channel.

google friends invitation
live location details

You can view the live location details when your friend travels from one place to another.

Part 2: The Most Reliable Way to Track a Cell Phone by GPS Tracking Apps

What is GPS Tracking APP?

Here GPS stands for Global Positioning System. The GPS tracking app makes use of this system to track the location of mobile devices around the globe.  It is a satellite-based tracking app. The GPS has its origin from the United States launched 41 years ago. The US Military services used this system to track the moves of the enemies. Later on, this system has extended its functionalities for the personal use of civilians.

In the traditional tracking system, the location details are measured using triangulation information from the towers, which receives the radio signals from the cell phones. Now, the tracking works with the help of the signals collected from the GPS satellite. This system records precise location data of the smartphone by measuring the power levels and antenna pattern in the closest base station.

You can use a GPS tracking app to monitor the location details of the kids, teens, etc. This type of app records precise data along with real-time location details immediately. It creates a log file storing the history of the location details accurately.

The Three Best Track Apps to Recommended in 2020

1. mSpy

The technological evolution has two sides, positive and negative effects on the present kids and teens of this century. The smartphones serve as a boon as well as a curse for today’s children. The mSpy assist the parents to safeguard their kids from the online threats remotely. This app is compatible with Android and iOS platform.


  • Records live location details of the kid’s gadgets
  • Create geo-fence to protect the kids from nearby danger zones
  • Blocks inappropriate apps
  • Prevent the entry of adult content and websites
  • Monitor the calls and text messages

Steps to track location using mSpy app

Step 1: Download and install the app

Take a quick tour at the official website of mSpy to purchase the subscription scheme according to your needs. You have to create a mSpy login before making the purchase.

mSpy login in
Monitor data with mSpy

Step 2: Change the ‘Security’ settings

In the target Android phone, tap ‘Settings -> Security -> Unknown Sources’. Here, you have to enable the toggle switch of ‘Unknown Source’ to allow the mSpy app download.

Change security settings to allow mSpy

Step 3: Access to bt.apk file

You will receive a mail soon after the mSpy purchase process. Check your mail and make use of the given link to download bt.apk file in the target phone. This file displays the wizard leading to mSpy installation.

allow  install mSpy

Step 4: Registration code

At the end of the setup process, you have to grant various permissions like usage access, device administrator, Keylogger tracking, data collection etc for the app in the target phone. You must type in the details of your kid or employee like their name, age, OS type etc and accept the license agreement. Enter the registration code received in your mail to complete the installation of the mSpy app on the target phone.

grant mSpy permissions
mSpy registration code

Step 5: Install in your Phone

Now, you have to download mSpy app in your phone and enter the registration code to pair with the target device and then start monitoring.

mSpy installtion completed

Step 6: Open mSpy Dashboard

Go to the mSpy dashboard and select ‘Location’ at the left pane of the screen. You will be able to view the live location details of the target phone on the right side of the window.

mSpy dashboard
 mSpy location track

2. iKeyMonitor

It is the best parental control app from Awosoft Technology Company. This app came into existence in the year 2012. It assists the parents to monitor and record the online activities of the kids. It serves as one of the reliable sources for the parents to protect their kids and teens from the online phantoms.


  • Monitor the social media chats remotely
  • Record the incoming and outgoing  calls in a precise way
  • Limit screen time for kids with the help of the Time Limit option
  • The Schedule feature enhances the time management skills of the kids
  • Keep your child within a safe zone using Geo-fencing option

How do you track the real-time location of your kids using iKeyMonitor app?

Step 1:  Signup Cloud panel and Download iKeyMonitor

In your target device, visit the official website of iKeyMonitor and signup an account in Cloud Panel with username and password. Then, download iKeyMonitor and choose the OS version according to your needs.

ikeymonitor sign in

Step 2: Install the app

You have to download the ‘Downloaded Installer’ to install iKeyMonitor in the target device. Tap the ‘Install’ button and open the app soon after successful installation. You have to allow the app to access contacts, SMS, location, calls etc. You should proceed by tapping ‘Allow’ button until the end.

install ikeymonitor

Step 3: Modify iKeyMonitor settings

Open the ‘Settings’ option in the iKeyMonitor app and enable ‘Accessibility’, allow ‘Usage access’ and check-in ‘Hide the icon’ option. You have to change the pin and password on iKeyMonitor app.

Make sure to delete the web history on the target device to remove the traces of the download and install of iKeyMonitor app.

enable ikeymonitor accessibility

Step 4: Start Monitoring

In your gadget, you have to log in to the Cloud panel and tap ‘Start Monitor’ option to commence the monitoring process. In the Cloud panel dashboard, select ‘Location’ to view the real-time location details of the target device.

Monitor real-time location by ikeymonitor


To protect the kids and teens from the online monsters you need an effective monitoring tool like XNSPY app. It is a boon to the digital parents and assists them to take precautionary steps remotely without manual access of their kid’s gadgets.


  • Send alerts when the kids travel to danger zones
  • Monitors call history, browser history, location history, bookmarks etc
  • Send notifications if it senses immature and offensive content in the text messages
  • Block unwanted apps
  • Take live screenshots on the target device
  • Deletes the data remotely

How do you track your kid’s location remotely using XNSPY app?

Step 1: Buy the subscription and create a login

You have to buy an appropriate subscription according to your needs, and signup an account with XNSPY using a valid username and password. You will receive a mail containing an activation code soon after the purchase process.

XNSPY sign in

Step 2: Download XNSPY in your target device

You have to type ‘’ in the target gadget’s browser and download this file. Open ‘app.apk’ file after successful download, and you have to follow the setup wizard by tapping ‘Next’ button. Finally, you must hit the ‘Install’ button to stimulate XNSPY app installation process in your target gadget.

download and install XNSPY

Step 3: Enter Activation code

After successful installation in the target device, you must open the XNSPY app, and enter the activation code. To complete the setup process, activate device administrator option then hide the app icon and finally, you must click the ‘Successful Installation’ button.

XNSPY activation code

Step 4: Monitor using Control Panel

In your gadget, you have to log in to XNSPY account and start to monitor the target device with the help of XNSPY control panel. In the dashboard, choose the ‘Location’ option to view the details of the target gadget’s real-time location.

monitor by XNSPY
view the target gadget's location


Therefore, you have now understood how to track a cell phone in a reliable way with the help of this article. Monitoring and controlling online activities seems to be challenging tasks remotely until the release of the above-discussed spy apps. These spy apps provide a comfortable platform to monitor the real-time location details flawlessly.

The Best Reliable Way to Track a Cell Phone Location

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