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“How can I track my iPhone? I have lost my iPhone recently and I don’t even know its IMEI number. Can someone tell me how to track iPhone location remotely?”

As I read this query posted on a popular iOS forum, I realized that a lot of other users also encounter a similar situation. Let’s be honest – losing an iPhone is a situation that can happen to anyone. Although, if your iPhone has been lost or stolen, you can get it back using an iPhone tracker. For this, you can use various iPhone tracking apps and even online tools. In this guide, I’m going to tell you how to track an iPhone by phone number in different ways.

Part 1: The Common Ways to Track iPhone for Free by Phone Number

To start with, let’s get to know about some common solutions to track iPhone that you can use for free.

1. TruePeopleSearch

This is a popular online directory of phone numbers that would let you do a reverse lookup. That is, all you got to do is visit the website and enter the phone number that you wish to search for. The online application will search its database and would let you know about the phone’s user and their location. Though, most of the time, it would let you know the device’s registered location and not its current whereabouts.

2. Search my iPhone

Search my iPhone is a freely available application that is mostly used to track lost iPhone. You can just install the app on your device and link it with your iPhone. Afterward, you can go to the application and enter the phone number that you wish to track. This will make the tool look for the number and will display its location on a map-like interface.

3. ZoSearch

ZoSearch is another popular online reverse lookup solution that would let you look for any number’s location. Since it is an online service, you don’t need to install any tool or application on your phone. Just enter the phone number for the device you wish to track and get information about its user like their address, email id, and so on.

4. Truecaller

Truecaller is one of the most popular Android and iOS applications in the world that is used for different purposes. For instance, you can just enter any unknown number and get to know about its registered user. While it won’t let you track iPhone’s exact location, you can know about the registered location (like their city and state). Apart from that, you can also use Truecaller to block spam calls, messages, and so on.

5. Find my iPhone

This is the solution that I used to track my iPhone when I lost it the last time. It is an inbuilt service in iOS devices that you can enable to locate your phone. If you have enabled Find my iPhone, then you can just go to the iCloud account that is linked to the device to locate it. From iCloud’s home, open the Find my iPhone interface and get the exact location of the device. You can also display a message on the phone’s screen if you have lost it using this iPhone tracking app.

6. Find my Friends

While Find my iPhone is mostly used to find lost iPhone of yourself, the Find my Friends app can help you locate your friends. For this, you need to first add them to your network of friends. The other user has to agree to the location sharing feature so that you can remotely view their whereabouts. You can just go to your phone’s Find my Friends app to know the exact location of your friends and even set geofences to get instant alerts for their check-ins and check-outs.

Part 2: 3 Convenient Ways to Track iPhone Online by Phone Number

Apart from the above-listed solutions, there are a few other websites that can help you track iPhone as well. Here are some of these commonly used websites that you can visit to track iPhone by phone number.

1. Free Phone Tracer

This is a freely available online source that would let you track iPhone location of any device by entering its number. Apart from iPhone, it can also locate other phone models as well. All you got to do is visit the iPhone tracker website and enter the number of the device you wish to track. It has a vast database that will let you know the original location of the phone. Besides that, the iPhone GPS tracker will also compute the last location of the phone.


  • Freely available
  • Supports every major phone number


  • Does not work worldwide
  • Not entirely reliable

2. Online GPS Phone Tracker

If you have just lost your phone, then you can also try this online application to find lost iPhone. To track an iPhone by number online for free, you simply need to enter the digits and specify its country as well as the carrier. The iPhone tracker will look up its extensive database to let you know the details about the registered user, including their location. You can use it to track iPhone, Android, and other devices as well.


  • Easy to use
  • Fast processing
  • No registration needed


  • Not that accurate
  • Would need users to complete a survey beforehand

3. GPS Cell Phone Locator

This iPhone tracker relies on the device’s current network signal to trace it. All you got to do is visit its website and enter the complete number of the phone you wish to track. The application will try to call the phone and in that process, would obtain its present location. You can use this online tool to track iPhone location a few times, but after that, you need to get its premium version.


  • Advanced location tracking
  • Easy to use


  • Only certain features are free

Part 3: One of The Best iPhone Hacking Apps – iKeyMonitor

If you want to take a step-up and know several details of someone else’s iPhone, then you can also try iKeyMonitor. It is one of the most powerful iPhone hacking apps that work on standard as well as jailbroken devices. Needless to say, the features for the jailbroken version are more extensive than the standard one. Once the tracker is installed, you can get all the vital details of the device without even accessing it all the time.

  • It will let you track the real-time location of the target iPhone remotely on its Control Panel.
  • You can also set geofences and get instant alerts whenever they would leave or enter the area. Furthermore, it will let you obtain details about their past location history.
  • The control panel will let you obtain vital device details like the stored photos, videos, music, contacts, call logs, messages, browser history, and so much more.
  • There is also a feature to track popular social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.
  • It also has an inbuilt keylogger to track every keystroke typed by the user like their account credentials, passwords, deleted messages, browsing history, and so on.

It doesn’t matter if your device is jailbroken or not, you can easily use iKeyMonitor to track it. Here’s how you can use this device tracker to spy on your kids, partner, employees, or anyone else.

Step 1: Buy an active iKeyMonitor subscription

To start with, you need to get an active iKeyMonitor subscription. For this, just visit its official website, create your account, and start the initial wizard. You need to select the type of device you wish to track and the kind of version you want to buy (jailbroken or non-jailbroken).

Step 2: Install the device tracker

In case if you opt for the non-jailbroken version, then you simply need to log-in to the iCloud account that is linked to the target iPhone.

If you have chosen the jailbroken version, then just access the device and jailbreak it first. After that, you can take the assistance of Cydia to manually add a source. Go to the official website of iKeyMonitor, install the package, and complete the setup.

Once the application is installed, you can launch it, and log-in to your iKeyMonitor account. You would have to grant the app the needed permissions to track the device in the background.

Step 3: Spy on their iPhone remotely

That’s it! Once the installation process is completed, you can just go to the web-based Control Panel of your iKeyMonitor account. Simply select the device and access all kinds of details related to it on your dashboard. From the side panel, you can access its location, social app details, messages, keylogger, etc.

I’m sure that after reading this iPhone tracker guide, you would be able to get your queries resolved. I used all kinds of solutions to track my iPhone, but a dedicated device tracker like iKeyMonitor is the best option to know someone’s live location. There are several other features that this iPhone tracker provides that you would enjoy using. Go ahead and try some of these methods to find lost iPhone. Also, if you found this guide useful, then feel free to share it with y

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