Do you want to know how to hack a phone without touching it or just with their mobile number?

If you’ve come to us looking for methods on how to hack a phone with mobile number, then we can guarantee you that you won’t have to go anywhere else after reading this guide. There can be many reasons why you are looking for hacking tools. So, whatever your concern is, if you are trying to hack someone’s phone number, then secrecy must be your priority as well.

Unfortunately, there are not many reliable and efficient tools available for hacking devices using the phone number. But some tools can help you track the target device after a simple install and run method. The functions you will get in the tools will be amazing and you will be able to get timed reports of the target device activities. So, let’s start to comprehend the possibilities of hacker tools for phone numbers and devices.

Part 1: Can a Phone Be Hacked or Tapped with Just the Number

Most people will deny the possibility. But it is possible to hack a phone and get access to the device remotely. It is difficult, but not impossible. You only need to get access to the device for once and install the spy app on it. After that, you can follow the guide to learn how to hack call details of any mobile number and you will receive the reports on your email and phone regularly.

And if the target device is the iPhone, then the hacking process becomes much easier. In iPhone, you only need to provide the Apple ID and password and enable the iCloud Sync. After this, you will have complete access to the target device data and their activities.

Part 2: Best Phone Hacker Apps in 2019

If you want to hack someone’s phone with just their number, then here is a list of best 2019 apps that will help you. You can review the apps one by one and decide for yourself which would be an ideal choice as per your requirements.

1. Best Phone Number Hacker App – Spyzie


Unfortunately, Spyzie has stopped operating, here we will recommend the best alternative phone tracker app- mSpy.

The most effective and impressive tool that you can use for hacking is Spyzie. Whether the target device is Android or iPhone, this software will let you get remote access to the phone and keep you updated. The app is remarkable for parental controls and tracking cheating partners. So, when you need to hack someone’s phone with just their number for free, the perfect answer would be Spyzie without any second thought.

The feature list of Spyzie is unending. But, here are the most useful features of this tool:

  • Social Media Tracker & Controller
  • Location tracking with Geofencing
  • Access to call details, history, incoming and outgoing messages
  • Data export from the target device
  • Get instant alerts for sensitive information
  • Take screenshots and record the keystrokes with the keylogger
  • Get a report of deleted messages, calls, apps, or any other data

Once you have a look at the features, you won’t be able to choose any other hacking tool. To use the software, you will have to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Register on Spyzie

The process begins with visiting the website and registering for an account on Spyzie. To create an account, you need to provide a valid email address and password. Click on the “terms of use” option and hit the Sign-Up button.

register spyzie

Step 2: Provide Target Information

On the next screen, you will have to enter the details of target device user, i.e. their name and age. Specify whether they have an Android device or Apple device.

enter the target information

Step 3: Finish Set-Up

Now, you have to configure the target device.

  • If the target device is iPhone, then you must provide the Apple id and password and enable iCloud sync on the target device. It will take only a few minutes for Spyzie to get full access to the target phone.
Apple ID to acess the target  iPhone
  • If you are targeting an Android phone, then you need physical access to the phone. Open Settings> Security Settings> Enable Unknown Sources Installation. Then open the confirmation mail for the Spyzie registration and download the app from the provided link. Perform installation of the app on the target device and grant all access. Make sure that you activate the device admin option and then start monitoring.
change security settings to access phone

Step 4: Start Monitoring:

Once the app is linked, the icon will disappear from the device while still running in the background. Now, you can access the app dashboard online form the site or you can download the app on your phone as well.

Now, you will get a thorough report of the target device and could even control it by using the app blocking, schedule restrictions, and other features.

monitor by spyzie

2. Phone Number Hacker App – SpyMyFone

If you want to take help from a less expensive yet reliable tool for hacking, then SpyMyFone can also be of assistance. It is one of the best hacking tools available on the internet. With the help of this tool, you can easily learn how to hack a phone number and get remote access to the device. A good number of the features of this tool are identical to Spyzie. But it lacks some of the features in iPhone which Spyzie can effectively provide.

SpyMyFone phone number hacker

3. Mobile phone hacker – FoneMonitor

Another app that you can use to get to know how to hack someone’s cell phone with just their number is FoneMonitor. As the name already signifies, this app lets you monitor the target device easily without raising any suspicion. With features like media file extraction, keylogger, tracking of popular social media apps, geofencing, app restrictions, etc. FoneMonitor is a viable choice for parents and spouses. You will get real-time updates of the device activities and no rooting or jailbreak is required to use this app.

Still, there are some features that are only limited to the Android OS such as WeChat tracking.

mobile hacker FoneMonitor

4. Phone number hacker software – FlexiSPY

If you are looking for one of the most powerful mobile hacker tools available on the internet, then you will surely see FlexiSPY on the list. However, to use this phone number hacker, you need to root or jailbreak your device. Along with this, like other hacking apps, you will also need physical access to the target phone.

Some of the best features of FlexiSPY include Call interception, call recording, password cracker, ambient listening, etc. But for the premium features, you also have to pay extra. Along with being a powerful hacking tool, FlexiSPY is the most expensive software in the market. As a result, instead of using highly advanced features, users prefer taking help from apps like Spyzie and SpyMyFone.

FlexiSPY tracking tool

5. Mobile number hacker – mSpy

When you need the help of compelling and popular mobile spying apps, mSpy comes to every mind. The best feature of mSpy is that it also allows the users to hack phone numbers online freely. Once the device is hacked, you can retrieve any password from the device with the help of a keylogger. Along with this, you can hijack social media accounts including Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, etc.

But you have to jailbreak/root your device if you need access to the advanced features. As mSpy can run on web browsers as well, you don’t even have to download the app on our phone for tracking and monitoring.

mSpy monitoring software

6. Free Cell Phone Tracker by Number – iKeyMonitor

To get the most efficient cell phone tracker, you need to get your hands on iKeyMonitor. It is a very popular Android tracking and monitoring app. You don’t even need to hack a phone with a number as this tool will provide you access to the target device after a simple registration process. It is used extensively for hacking. The good thing is that this app can be installed on both rooted/jailbroken and unrooted/non-jailbroken devices.

You get the basic features of tracking like live location, geofencing, screen time limit, etc. But if you are using the app on an unrooted or non-jailbroken device, then some of the features won’t work.

iKeyMonitor cell phone tracker

7. Mobile Number Tracker Online Free with Location – Spyera

Spyera is another basic mobile number hack. Whether you need to track the call logs or read some messages on the target phone, Spyera will allow you to do all this. Once you get the app installed on the target device, you will have access to the social media apps, activities, gallery, notes, call logs, contacts, and every other app and settings on the phone.

Among all this, the best feature of Spyera is that it comes with a 10-day money-back guarantee. It ensures that the users won’t lose their money if they are not happy with the features or don’t get the expected results. But there are some aspects that will notice missing in this hacking tool if you are running the app on a non-jailbroken or unrooted device.

SPYERA mobile number track

8. Phone Number Hacking App – XNSPY

If you want to learn how to mess with someone using their phone number in an easy way, then XNSPY can help you. It is a basic monitoring application for the kids. But if you want to control their device, then you will have to look for another tool. Still, it will give you access to the target’s call logs, gallery, browser history, and other data.

While all the other features only work when you have a rooted device, you can track WhatsApp without root. This app is more like a safety tool to keep the digital space secure. Meanwhile, it is still capable of hacking the device if you need to.

XNSPY phone number hacking app

9. Mobile Phone Number Hacker – Hoverwatch

Once you get to use Hoverwatch, you won’t be able to deny that it is one of the best tools available for hacking. You can even learn how to hack someone’s phone without touching it. It offers all the essential spying features while keeping the price low. But there is the biggest flaw in the app as it is not available for iOS devices.

You can use Hoverwatch over Windows, Mac OS, and Android but not on iPhone or iPad. And this is quite disappointing. Still, the SMS tracking feature, Social media tracking, screenshot, SIM card change detection, camera tracking, stealth mode, etc. are very useful for the users.

Hoverwatch mobile phone hacker

10. Phone Number Hacking – Famisafe

As the name already suggests, this mobile hacker app is basically designed for parents so that they can keep their family safe. Not only this app will tell you how to get into someone’s phone without knowing the password but also provide you irrevocable control over the target device. It has plenty of features that are remarkable such as location tracking & geofencing, web filter, content blocking, screen time schedule, app usage & blocker, and activity summary.

Moreover, you don’t even need to jailbreak or root your device to use all the features. With a friendly user-interface, this tool certainly makes hacking a phone easy. But like other good things, FamiSafe is also not perfect. It lacks some vital features of spying and even parental control. And the app has compatibility issues with some devices.

FamiSafe password hacker


Even after you know how to hack someone’s phone, it is hard to decide which tool would be appropriate for you. But one aspect you must keep in mind is that there are some differences between Android and iPhone. As we mentioned earlier, it is possible to hack an iPhone without getting physical access but the same cannot be said for Android devices.

So, if you find an app that claims that they can help you hack someone’s number without accessing them, then steer away from the app as it is a scam.

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