Part 1: Can WhatsApp Be Hacked?

Yes, you can hack WhatsApp account both in an online and offline mode. There are many apps available to spy on WhatsApp account. The hacking occurs irrespective of your phone’s OS version. The hacking algorithm plays well on the iOS platform too. Most parental control apps include this feature to protect their kids from cyber threats and bullying. Make use of the WhatsApp hacking tools for a good cause. The great challenge for the parents of the teens and kids and the employers is to choose a reliable hacking and spying tool to access the WhatsApp account on the target device remotely.  

Part 2: How to Hack WhatsApp with WhatsApp Hacking Apps

You can perform WhatsApp hacking using reliable parental control apps. Initially, you must try out the trial version of the product before making an official purchase.

Download the tool and install as per the instructions listed out at its official website. You have to create an account on their platform revealing your identity as a parent and employer then download the app in your target device. After completing all the setup process, you can connect with your target phone and access their online activities using the control panel of the respective parental control app.

The procedure for all the parental control apps is more or less the same they differ only with the setup process. You can take the guidance from its official website for successful completion of the setup procedure.

 2.1 Hack WhatsApp with mSpy

The mSpy is one of the dominating parental control apps and serves as a boon for the parents and employers. It helps to access the internet activities of the target device easily. You can spy on the WhatsApp chats, calls, shared media files etc with the help of this app. The effective remote access brings an illusion that you are holding the target device manually in your hand. It is a reliable tool for WhatsApp hack.

Hack WhatsApp with mSpy


  • Records every detail related to WhatsApp like video call time, call duration, audio call time, call duration, incoming texts time, outgoing texts time etc.
  • Reveal the texts, pictures, videos, data files, audio files  etc sent and received on the target device
  • It monitors and tracks the WhatsApp data remotely from its control panel
  • This app access pictures, documents, video, audio files in the gallery of the target gadget
  • Establish a complete control over the social media activities of your kid.

Compatible OS

  • iOS
  • Android


  • Availability of family kit package to support 3 target devices at a time
  • Tracks 24/7 whereabouts of your kids and teens
  • Help to minimize the screen time of the children
  • Assist to achieve effective parenting
  • Records precise and reliable data of the target device
  • This app offers awesome customer support to sort out the technical issues during the setup process.


  • Unknown interruptions occur at the time of app setup
  • For Android 4+ versions it needs rooting

User Review

Very Friendly Customer Service 🙂

“Today I got mspy for my iPhone, I had a lot of problems to install it.. but the very friendly man from Mspy Customer Service has helped a lot and was very patient with me and he answered all my questions. and he helped me to disable the f2a from iPhone in order to install mspy correctly.
I think it is very important for mspy to have such nice friendly helpful Employes to help and solve the problems of the Customers and clients. his name was Anthony Russo 🙂 thanks a lot!”

– Maria

2.2 Hack WhatsApp with Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is another stunning spy app to hack WhatsApp account of your kids, employer, and your partner’s smartphones. The dashboard of Hoverwatch is highly organized and you can monitor many data at a time without switching between pages often. It is an interesting and effective app, which meet your needs beyond your expectation.

Hack WhatsApp with Hoverwatch


  • Tracks social media activities remotely on the target phone
  • Maintains text and call logs
  • You can access the calendar and find out the day-to-day activities of your kids, employee and partner easily.
  • Capture screenshots on the target phone anytime and anywhere
  • Excellent spy app for WhatsApp

Compatible OS

  • Android
  • Windows
  • Mac


  • It is possible to monitor up to 5 devices at a time effectively
  • Appreciable customer support
  • Webcam shot is stunning
  • You can access even the deleted files on the target gadget
  • Good GPS tracking strategy
  • You can monitor the target gadget’s activities effortlessly in a remote manner


  • The Mac version does not support all the features of Hoverwatch
  • It is impossible to create a Geo-fencing using this tool

User Review

5 stars!!

Hoverwatch is a fantastic platform for keeping track of your loved ones. The interface is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate. You can easily view the log history and location of other devices from anywhere. Any issues that I encountered was immediately addressed by their support team. I would recommend this app to anyone with a need to track device usage and location. 5 Stars!

– Brenda Pereira Lima

2.3 Hack WhatsApp with iKeymonitor

The iKeymonitor app ensures internet safety for your children. Monitor the WhatsApp activities of your kid remotely using iKeyMonitor app to get rid of cyberbullying, sexual predators in the cyber world. It serves as an ultimate monitoring app for parental control. The built-in strategy to hack WhatsApp account is appreciable in this iKeymonitor parental control app.

Hack WhatsApp with iKeymonitor


  • An alert notification is sent to the parents when their kid receives an offensive message, images or videos via WhatsApp chat
  • It is possible to make out a live recording of the incoming or outgoing calls on the target device
  • You can create a Geo-fence to protect your children from danger zones
  • This app splashes a slideshow displaying the screen activities of the target device
  • The ‘Time Limit’ and ‘Block App’ features help the kids to make use of their gadgets for a constructive purpose

Compatible OS

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Mac
  • Windows


  • This app supports multiple languages
  • This platform provides 24/7 live chat to guide the customers in the right path
  • The trial version of this product clarifies the queries related to the product usage
  • The iKeymonitor app stores the credentials of the valuable users’ account with the utmost security and avoids unauthorized access at any circumstance
  • The ‘Online Demo’ comforts the novice users


  • To avail for this featured-rich product you need to jailbreak your gadgets.
  • Some customers felt the subscription cost of this product is expensive

User Review

Nifty little system!

“I Have been using this app regularly for the past few months, monitoring my son’s online habits.
My operating system is for the iPhone/no jailbreak. The interface is straightforward with clear instructions & information to navigate through the system with ease.
WhatsApp Hack

– Ann

Part 3: How to Hack WhatsApp Online Free

You can hack WhatsApp account in an online mode free of cost. You can hack the account remotely and precisely. Any social media account has a high vulnerability and there are ways to intrude secretly without the knowledge of the account holder. In a similar way, you can establish perfect access to the WhatsApp platform within few minutes. It is 100% secure and safe, you should make use of this service without any legal issues.

Try out the below steps to hack WhatsApp account in an online mode

Step 1: Checkout the valid website

Enter ‘’ web address in your browser and enter into this free online hacking platform.


Step 2: Fill in the details

You must enter the target Whatsapp account’s mobile number, time duration up to which you need the data, what type of data like chat, pictures, videos etc.


Step 3: Trigger the hacking process

Next, you must tap the ‘Start the Hacking Process’ button to stimulate the procedure.


Step 4: Access the data

Soon after the completion of the hacking process, you have to click the ‘Get Files’ button to commence the data access on the target’s WhatsApp account. This action will trigger the data collection process from the target account.


Step 5: View the files

Finally, view the remotely accessed data files in your screen easily within few minutes. The files are available in an organized format with more details like the size of the file, type of file, modified date etc.


Now you are able to hack the social media chat app quickly with the help of the online tool.

Part 4: Is It Legal to Hack Someone’s WhatsApp?

In terms of Legal norms, if you access the WhatsApp account of your kid or employer or your partner then it is not punishable. In case if you make use of this online and offline tool to hack the WhatsApp account of an unknown person then it is a cybercrime. It is highly punishable and you must face the law ethically.

It is not a good practice to intervene with someone’s social media account out of curiosity while exploring these types of hacking apps in the digital market. This type of hacking affects the privacy of the target account. When the cyber branch police monitor this kind of hacking techniques implemented on the stranger’s social media chat apps, then they will take severe action without any compromises. You will not be able to escape from the law action at any means. The cyber officials trap you in a few minutes.  

Part 5: Hack WhatsApp: How to Protect Yourself from It

When it comes to your WhatsApp account, you will become little cautious after reading through the above hacking techniques. How do you protect your WhatsApp account from the eyes of hackers? Is it possible to safeguard the account? Does it require any complex steps to establish the security feature in the WhatsApp account? You can sort out your queries with the help of the below guidelines.

You must follow some guidelines to protect your WhatsApp account from hacking.

  • Implement two-factor authentication:

In the security settings of WhatsApp, enable this option to embed this feature in your account. You can enter into your WhatsApp account only with the help of the passcode. This type of security settings will help you to get rid of the hackers in the cyberspace.

  • Lock the app using pattern

You can lock the WhatsApp app using a unique pattern set up. There are no algorithms to guess the pattern for the app locks. The hackers will find it difficult to enter into your account if you enable this feature in your account.

  • Use Strong password

When you create a password for your account, you can make use of online password generators to reach out for strong passwords. Do not make use of passwords like birthday dates, name of the spouse, children, friends etc.

  • Logout without fail

Do not forget to log out of your account when it is inactive. Most hackers can intervene into the account if it is idle for many hours. Make sure you tap the Logout option to protect your account from hackers.


Finally, you have reached an end of this article and it is time to conclude the discussion on WhatsApp hack. There are effective ways to hack Whatsapp account, you must make use of those hack tools for safety purpose. To prevent the WhatsApp hacks you should learn how to protect it through simple steps. This guide has given you enough ideas about hacking techniques and measures to protect your account in advance. Do not get into troubles by hacking the stranger’s WhatsApp account. Use the above discussed best spy tools to safeguard your children from the unknown dangers on the cyberspace.

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