Cocospy Review 2024: Read This Before You Get a Subscription

These days, I get a lot of queries regarding Cocospy review, its features, pricing, and so on. Since it is one of the leading spy apps out there, a lot of people would like to use it. However, before you create your Cocospy account, there are a few things that you need to know in advance. To help you decide whether the solution is right for you, I have come up with this detailed Cocospy review. In this post, you can learn about the features of the Cocospy iPhone/Android app, how to use it, pricing, and other details.

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What Is Cocospy All About?

Cocospy is a popular tracker that runs on all the leading Android and iOS devices out there. It works on devices that run on Android 4.0+ and almost any iOS version. The Cocospy Android/iPhone tracker is mostly used by parents to keep an eye on their kids remotely. Alternatively, it can also be used to track your spouse, employees, friends, and anyone else.

One of the best things about the Cocospy cell phone tracker is that it is pretty easy to use and is recommended for beginners. Also, it does provide a lot of tracking features for devices and doesn’t need jailbreak/root access as well.

Cocospy review

Cocospy Review: What Are Its Main Features?

If you have gone through Cocospy reviews, then you would already know that there are two versions of the tool – one for Android and the second for iOS devices. Therefore, you should know that the features for the iOS version are not as extensive as the Android version. Here are some of the major things you can track using Cocospy for Android.

  • Call logs and contacts

You can go to your Cocospy account and view their saved contacts and call logs. All the incoming and outgoing calls will be listed with their timestamps and will have contact details.

  • Messages

Also, you can read their sent and received messages on your Cocospy account. Apart from texts, it will display contact details and timestamps for every conversation.

  • Saved Media

You can also track the photos and videos that are saved on their device and export them from your system.

  • Location-based features

The Cocospy Android spy would track the live location of the device and will let you view it remotely. Apart from that, you can also view their past location history and set geofences to get instant check-in/check-out alerts.

Cocospy to track the live location of the device
  • Social Media Tracking

The Cocospy app can track almost every social and IM app that is installed on the target device. Some of these apps are Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Tinder, Skype, Snapchat, Telegram, and so on.

  • Keylogger

Cocospy for Android also has a dedicated keylogger that would record all the keystrokes typed on the device. In this way, you can monitor their deleted texts, account details, deleted browsing history, etc.

  • Stealth Mode

One of the good things about Cocospy for Android is that the tool supports an invisible mode. This means you can run the Cocospy tracker on the target device without letting them know about it.

  • Other features

Besides that, there are also several other features of this Cocospy Android spy app. For instance, you can track their browsing history, SIM location, app usage, and so on.

Cocospy Review-features

Cocospy Review: Pros and Cons

Ideally, Cocospy is considered a user-friendly application, which means even if you don’t have any prior experience installing device trackers, you can give Cocospy a try. To track an Android device, you simply need to access it once and install the Cocospy Android spy app. To track an iPhone, you don’t even have to access it once and simply need to know its iCloud details. After using the Cocospy cell phone tracker, I could notice the following things.


  • It is one of the most user-friendly device trackers out there.
  • Advanced features like SIM location, keylogger, geofencing, etc.
  • It supports an excellent stealth mode to track the device invisibly.
  • Can track almost every social media and IM app out there.
  • It does not need root or jailbreak access to install the Cocospy app on any device.


  • The overall features of its Android and iOS versions are a bit different.
  • The advanced features are more for Android compared to its iOS version as of now.

How to Use Cocospy Phone Tracker on Android and iOS Devices

After reading some of the Cocospy reviews, you must be willing to give it a try. To help you make the most of the Cocospy iPhone/Android solution, I have come up with this step-by-step tutorial.

Step 1: Create your account and pick a target device

First things first, you need to create your Cocospy account to access its services and select the type of device to track (Android or iPhone). Also, enter some basic details about the device owner before getting an active subscription.

create your Cocospy account

Step 2(A): To track an iOS Device with Cocospy

If you have selected iOS as the target device, then you can just log in to the same iCloud account that is linked to their smartphone. However, the feature of iCloud backup must be enabled on their phone in advance.

track an iOS Device with Cocospy

Once you log in to their iCloud, you will be presented with different iCloud backup files that are available. From here, you can select a recent (or any other iCloud backup) of your choice that would be extracted on Cocospy.

select target phone backup

Step 2(B): How to install the Cocospy Android Spy

If the target device is an Android, then you need to unlock it once and make some changes to it. For instance, you can go to Settings > Security and turn on the option to download apps from unknown sources. Another thing you can do is visit its Google account settings and disable the Play Protect features to scan the device in the background.

install the Cocospy Android Spy

Great! Once that is done, you can launch any web browser, and go to the website of Cocospy to download its APK file. You can later install the tracker by giving your browser permission to install apps.

install the phone tracker

Afterward, simply launch the Cocospy Android spy app and make sure that you log in with your account details. Now, grant Cocospy all the needed permissions to track the device in the background. You can also enable its stealth mode in the end so that you can run it invisibly.

launch the Cocospy Android spy app

Step 3: Track their device details remotely

When the setup is completed, you can go to the online dashboard of Cocospy and obtain all the vital device details from its home. On the sidebar, you can find options to track their locations, social apps, call logs, and tons of other details.

Track device details remotely

Cocospy Review: How Much Does Cocospy Cost?

If you are also interested in buying the Cocospy Android/iPhone app, then you should know about its subscription plans. There are two different plans for Android and iOS devices with the following details.

For Android

  • Basic plan (for one device): $39.99 per month or $99.99 annually
  • Premium plan (for one device): $49.99 per month or $119.99 annually
  • Family plan (for 3 devices): $69.99 per month or $199.99 annually

For iOS

  • Premium plan (for one device): $49.99 per month or $129.99 annually
  • Family plan (for 5 devices): $99.99 per month or $399.99 annually

Final Verdict

Overall, I would say Cocospy is worth a try as it features a wide range of tracking options that you can explore. It is extremely easy to perform its setup as it does not need root or jailbreak access. While the Cocospy iPhone solution is not as extensive as its Android version, it is still worth a shot since it doesn’t require device access.

From the live location of a user to their social media details, it will let you access almost everything. Also, since the Cocospy app has a stealth mode, the other users will not know that you are tracking them remotely. If you want, you can do more research and read any other Cocospy review or simply give it a try to be its judge on your own.

I hope that after reading this guide, you will be able to know more about the Cocospy free version and the benefits of its premium subscription. Since Cocospy offers a free demo on its website, you can check it out to learn more about the tool. If you have tried the Cocospy Android spy app or use the Cocospy iPhone solution as well, then let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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