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How to hack text messages without access to a phone? There are applications in the digital market to monitor the messages remotely. You can install the monitoring apps to commence the spying action on the target device. It is illegal if you try to spy on a stranger’s phone. When you make use of this software to safeguard your children from online monsters, then it is an ultimate tool for the parents.

Part 1: Can Text Messages be hacked?

Of course, yes, you can hack text messages easily with the help of the extraordinary software in the current market. Most professionals and entrepreneurs communicate through messengers for transferring confidential data. The text messages are under threat, and you need additional settings to protect them from the hands of hackers. If you view the spying software from the parent’s point of view, then this tool is helpful to protect their kids from cyber threats. They can take immediate action when their kids are into unnecessary internet issues.

Hacking occurs in many ways

  • When you click any link sent from an unknown person
  • While installing malware software from the internet
  • If you make use of free Wi-Fi in public places
  • If you give your phone to strangers for emergency reasons
  • By sharing passwords
  • If your phone has no reliable anti-virus software

Part 2: How to Hack Someone’s Text Messages without Having Their Phone

It is quite interesting to learn about hacking techniques without accessing the target phones. The parents of the teens and kids should make use of the below-discussed tool to ensure safe internet boundaries for their children.

You may not face any issues while implementing the hacking software. You can monitor the kid’s gadget and their activities remotely without their knowledge.

Three Apps to Hack someone’s Text Messages

 1. Fonemonitor

It is reliable software to monitor gadget activities precisely. The Fonemonitor is an efficient spy app with lots of incredible features

Remarkable functionalities

  • Compatible with iOS as well as Android devices
  • Hack text messages accurately
  • Track the location of the target device
  • Spy on the activities in social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc
  • Monitor the contact list on the target device remotely

How to hack text messages with the help of Fonemonitor?

Step 1: Signup an account

You have to create an account with Fonemonitor using your Email ID and password.

hack text messages 1

Step 2: Set up process

After the signup, you have to fill in the details of the target device. Here, you must enter the name, age, and select the OS of the target gadget.

hack text messages 2

Step 3: Settings on the Target device

If your target device is an iOS version, then you have to log in to your iCloud account to establish the connection.

hack text messages 3

If it is an Android target gadget, then enable the checkbox of the ‘Unknown Sources’, which is available in the ‘Security’ menu from the ‘Settings’ option. This action allows the entry of the Fonemonitor app into this device without any issues.

hack text messages 4

Step 4: Install Fonemonitor app

In the target device, download the Fonemonitor app from its official website.

hack text messages 5

Step 5: Setup process in the target device

After the successful installation in the target device, you have to proceed with the setup process by following the wizard. Make use of the Fonemonitor account, and grant permission as a device administrator on the target device.

hack text messages 6

Step 6: Start Monitoring

Activate device administrator on the target device, and start monitoring the gadget activities by tapping ‘Start Monitoring’ button. The Fonemonitor icon disappears on the target gadget when you click the ‘Start Monitoring’ button.

hack text messages 7

Step 7: Fonemonitor dashboard

Launch the Fonemonitor app in your phone, and start tracking the gadget activities remotely. The below screenshot displays the home screen of Fonemonitor tool

hack text messages 8

2. Spyzie

The professional mobile monitoring app has come up with a new version of Spyzie 6.0. There are nearly 3 million users around the globe. Have a look at its features below.

Stunning features

  • It is a reliable spy app to monitor social media activities on WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.
  • Accurate real-time location monitoring
  • It has optimum functioning on various phone brands like OPPO, MIUI, Huawei, etc.
  • Alert on suspicious texts, images, etc
  • Smart schedule of screen time for the children

How does it work?

Step 1: Open a Spyzie account

You have to create an account with Spyzie by entering the Email Id and password

hack text messages 9

Step 2: Fill in the details

The registration process leads to a setup window. The first screen enquires for the name, age, and OS version of the target device. Here, choose Android as the target gadget.

hack text messages 10

Step 3: Target device settings

In the target phone, go to ‘Settings -> Lock screen and Security’, and then check in the ‘Unknown sources’ option. After these settings, you can install Spyzie on the target device without any difficulty.

hack text messages 11

Step 4: Launch Spyzie

Now, you have to download the app on your target phone by visiting the official website of Spyzie. You must follow the wizard for a successful installation process.

hack text messages 12

Step 5: Login to the Spyzie account

Open the Spyzie account in your target gadget, and grant device administrator permission. Now, hit the ‘Start Monitoring’ button to stimulate the monitoring process. The app icon becomes invisible to the target device.

hack text messages 13

Step 6: Monitor via the control panel

In your device, sign in to the Spyzie account to view the gadget activities of your target device. You can also view using the link https://my.spyzie.com/dashboard.html. You can also monitor with the help of the ‘Spyzie Control Panel’ window on your phone. You have to wait for a few minutes until the synchronization process completes. The control panel will display the monitored data precisely.

hack text messages 14

 3. ​SpyMyfone

SpyMyfone is the best alternative monitoring app. Explore the features listed as follows.

  • Track call logs anytime
  • Watch out the sent and received messages
  • View the contact lists remotely
  • Trace live location details
  • Capture screenshots on the target device

How to hack someone’s text messages without having his or her phone?

Step 1: Setup SpyMyfone account

You have to enter the Email ID and password to create an account on SpyMyfone

hack text messages 15

Step 2: Enter details

The next step after the account setup process is that you have to enter the details of the target device.

hack text messages 16

In the above wizard, you must type in the name of the teen, age, and the OS version. Now, choose Android to view the related setup process.

Step 3: Changes in the Target Phone

You have to install the app and enable the ‘Unknown Source’ option from the ‘Settings’ menu. Here, you have to grant administrator permission to commence the monitoring process.

hack text messages 17

Step 4: Start to monitor

To begin the monitoring process, you must click the ‘Start Monitoring’ button.

hack text messages 18

Step 5: View the activities

Now, you can monitor the target phone’s activities remotely using the ‘SpyMyfone Control Panel’. With the help of this link, https://my.spymyfone.com/dashboard.html you can start to view the target device’s activities.

hack text messages 19

All the above-discussed spy apps perform well and offer accurate and precise monitoring data quickly. Follow the steps carefully and install the applications successfully without any interruptions. The parents can make use of these apps to monitor their kid’s gadgets remotely. They serve as one of the best parental control apps in the digital market.

Part 3: Is it Legal to Hack Phone Text Messages?

If you hack the stranger’s gadget, then it is illegal. You must face the law and sort out the issues. However, if you make use of this app to monitor your kid’s device, then it is legal. You should not hack the text messages of an unknown person’s gadgets, which may lead to unwanted issues in future.

The hacking apps serve as a boon for the parents, and it helps them to create safe cyberspace for their kids to explore their skills. The fear of internet threats forces the parents to stop stepping their kids into the cyber world. It will ruin the progressive growth of kids. The monitoring apps similar to the lifeguards help the parents to allow their kids into cyberspace with confidence.

Part 4: How to Protect Your Phone from Being Hacked

You can protect your phone from the intervention of unknown source using the following ways

  • Whatever be the reason, do not give your phone to strangers and an unknown person.
  • Ignore the mail from strangers, and do not respond to it at any cost
  • Be cautious while tapping the link in your WhatsApp and Facebook messages
  • Do not download software from proxy web pages. You have to visit the official websites for the software download
  • Make use of reliable programs on your gadgets
  • Avoid downloading server related games on your phone
  • Install perfect anti-virus software to prevent the entry of anonymous activities.
  • When you are in travel do not make use of free Wi-Fi available in public places.
  • Do not connect your gadget with anonymous PC


It is high time to conclude the discussion related to hacking text messages without access to the phone. The three apps namely Fonemonitor, Spyzie, and SpyMyfone hack the text messages on the target device remotely. You can rely on the results without any regrets. Make use of the recorded data, and take respective measures immediately to overcome worse situations. This article has given you a better understanding of the spy apps and their features. Download the apps and explore its functionalities in depth.

How to Hack Text Messages Remotely

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