SpyHuman vs. Hoverwatch – Popular Spying Apps Review

There are so many cellphone spying apps that claim to be the best that they could confuse the customer. SpyHuman and Hoverwatch are among the top and most popular platforms available.

If you wish to know the difference between two well-known apps, SpyHuman and Hoverwatch, then read this review.

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An Overview of SpyHuman Smartphone Spying App

SpyHuman is one of the most prevalent cell phone tracking apps for Android devices. The platform offers real-time surveillance records of the target device to the concerned parents. SpyHuman doesn’t ask the user to root the target device as all features are accessible easily. It doesn’t matter if the activities occurring on the target Android phone are online or offline. The spying app is capable of recording every type of action from the device.

SpyHuman tracking service has all the basic features of a cellphone tracking app, such as tracking location. We will discuss the top functions of the platform in the next section of the article.

SpyHuman review

SpyHuman Review: The Main Features of SpyHuman Smartphone Spying App

The variety and potency of any spying app can make or break it. SpyHuman has all the top spying abilities in the world. It would allow the parent to relax and know about their child’s whereabouts.

The main features of the SpyHuman smartphone spying app are as follows:

  • Call Tracker:

This function will allow you to monitor the call logs of the target phone. Moreover, you will be able to record both incoming and outgoing calls from the phone. You will also be able to block specific numbers that you feel are suspicious.

  • Social Media Tracking:

SpyHuman can track social media chat history happening on the target device. The platforms that SpyHuman can monitor are WhatsApp and Facebook. Moreover, there is no need to root the Android phone to enable the function.

  • Live Recording:

You can use this feature to gain access to the mic of the target Android device. It will record the surrounding voice remotely, which will allow you to know what are talking about.

  • File Explorer and Image Monitoring:

With this function, a parent will finally know what type of content their child is storing on their phone. It is an essential feature to have, which makes cellphone monitoring all the more worthwhile.

  • Internet History Tracking:

You can gain direct access to the internet browsing history of your child’s Android phone. Moreover, if you feel that they are accessing inappropriate sites, then you can remotely block them from SpyHuman’s control panel.

SpyHuman vs. Hoverwatch: What are the Advantages of Hoverwatch over SpyHuman?

Hoverwatch is another top smartphone spying app that can track a wide variety of activities occurring on the target phone. In this section, we will be looking over some of the advantages that Hoverwatch has over SpyHuman. It will make your decision-making ability easier on which app to purchase.

The advantages of Hoverwatch over SpyHuman are as follows:

  1. Hoverwatch supports Android, Windows, and macOS. The tally is more than SpyHuman, which can only track Android devices;
  2. Hoverwatch can spy on more social media apps than SpyHuman. The app can track activities on platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Skype, Telegram, and Instagram. Whereas, SpyHuman can only monitor WhatsApp and Facebook;
  3. The stealth mode of the Hoverwatch spying app is much better than any other tracking app, including SpyHuman’s!

How Does Hoverwatch Work?

The Hoverwatch tracking app is extremely easy to use. In this section, we will show you how to get started on the platform:

 Step 1. Sign-Up on Hoverwatch

Access the website of Hoverwatch and create an account. We recommend using a secure username and password.

Step 2. Add the Target Device to Monitor:

After creating an account, the platform will ask you to choose which device you wish to monitor. You can select between Android, macOS, and Windows PC. After selecting the device’s OS, install the app on the target phone, and enter your login credentials. Tap on Activate, select All Activities, and follow the instructions. Tap on Finish Installation.

SpyHuman alternative-Hoverwatch

Step 3. Access the Control Panel of Hoverwatch

Go to the website Hoverwatch again and access the control panel. You will be able to monitor every activity on the phone after following all the steps stated above.

monitor every activity on the phone

Final Verdict: SpyHuman and Hoverwatch, Which Is the Best Choice?

In this review, we reviewed everything about the top cellphone monitoring apps, namely SpyHuman and Hoverwatch. Each service has a unique set of features that would allow the user to monitor the target device.

Though SpyHuman has better call-tracking features than Hoverwatch, it is only compatible with Android phones. Hoverwatch, on the other hand, supports more platforms such as Windows, macOS, and Android. You can also track as many as 25 devices at the same time if you purchase the Business Plan.

For the reasons stated above, we suggest going for Hoverwatch if you wish to track devices on multiple platforms. If you are on a budget and only intend to monitor an Android phone, then go for SpyHuman. It is far cheaper than Hoverwatch!

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