5 Best Kid Tracker Apps You Should Know (2024)

“I’m always worried about the safety of my kids when I’m at work. Can someone tell me about a reliable kid tracker phone app that I can use?”

As I read this query posted by a concerned parent, I realized that so many people out there looking for a trusted kid tracker app. If you are also worried about the overall well-being of your kids, then you can install a tracker on their devices. Using it, you can remotely view their locations, track their social media activities, and do so much more. In this post, I will share the 5 best apps to track kids remotely without any hassle.

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1. Cocospy Kid Tracker App

The Cocospy Kid tracker app is one of the most reliable and safest solutions to keep an eye on your kids remotely. Although this kid tracker app is mostly used on Android devices, you can also buy its iOS subscription as well.

  • To install the Cocospy Kid tracker phone app, you just need to access the target Android device once. On the other hand, no device access is needed to track an iPhone.
  • You can remotely view the live location of your kids on your Cocospy account and check their past location history.
  • Parents will get reports about the device usage so that they can identify the apps their kids are addicted to.
  • It can also help you keep an eye on their social media activities (like WhatsApp messages or Facebook photos).


  • Runs in stealth mode and is entirely undetectable
  • The Cocospy kid tracker does not need root/jailbreak access


  • Its features for the iOS version are limited as compared to the Android
Cocospy Kid Tracker App

2. KidsGuard Pro by ClevGuard

Developed by ClevGuard, this is another secure kid tracker phone app that you can use. The Android kid tracker app would be installed on the target device. On the other hand, you can extract the iCloud or iTunes backup of an iPhone to extract its vital details (without accessing the phone).

  • Once the kid tracker app is installed, you can remotely check the real-time location of your kids.
  • You can also set geofences for any spot (like home or school) and get alerts whenever your kids would leave or enter the area.
  • It can also be used to track their call logs, contacts, messages, WhatsApp chats, saved media files, and more.
  • The Android version can run in stealth mode so that your kids won’t know that you are tracking them.


  • Easy to install and use
  • No root or jailbreak is needed


  • The Android version has better features than the iOS one
KidsGuard Pro kid tracker phone app

3. mSpy for Kids

If you are looking for a more sophisticated app to track kids, then you can also consider mSpy. It has been around for years and is known for the wide range of features that it offers. While mSpy runs on leading Android and iOS versions, some of its advanced features will need root/jailbreak access.

  • The mSpy tracker will keep running in the background on your kid’s phone, tracking all the vital details without getting noticed.
  • You can go to its online Control Panel and check the live location of your kids or access their past location history.
  • There is an option to view their call logs, record calls, view messages, check the saved media files, etc.
  • You can also check the messages exchanged on popular apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, and more.


  • Inbuilt keylogger and geofencing options
  • Professional customer support in multiple languages


  • Some of the advanced features will need root or jailbreak access
Using mSpy to track kids

4. Spyic Kid Tracker App

Spyic is a complete kid tracker app that can obtain all the vital details of their device. You can either keep the app running just like that or enable its stealth mode so that it can run invisibly. It supports all the leading devices, running on the latest Android and iOS versions.

  • The Spyic Kid tracker can obtain tons of the details of the device like its contacts, call logs, messages, saved media, and more.
  • You can know the live location of your kids from your device and even get instant alerts whenever they would leave/enter a restricted area.
  • Spyic also comes with a keylogger so that you can track their deleted messages, account passwords, and more.
  • It will let you remotely view their browsing history and web searches so that you can track what they look for on the web.


  • Easy to use and reliable
  • Advanced features like stealth mode, geofencing, and keylogger


  • Different features for Android and iOS versions
Spyic Kid Tracker App

5. FamiSafe Tracker for Kids

Last, but most importantly, you can also use the FamiSafe kid tracker app to create a positive environment for your kids. This is a dedicated kid tracker phone app that would let you track and control smartphone usage from your Android/iOS device.

  • Once your and your kid’s accounts are synced, you can monitor all their vital details on your device.
  • You can check their live location, set multiple geofences, and even disable their device usage for a particular location.
  • Obtain details about their messages, IM chats (like WhatsApp conversations), saved media, and more.
  • Parents can also set time-based restrictions on any app or enable screen limits for device usage as well.


  • Extensive phone monitoring and control features
  • It has advanced web and content filtering tools to safeguard your kids


  • The presence of the FamiSafe kid tracker app can be detected
FamiSafe Tracker for Kids

There you go! Now when you know about not one, but five different kid tracker apps, you can easily monitor your little ones. To make things easier for you, I have listed both Android and iOS apps to track kids in this post. Also, you can weigh their pros and cons or check their free demo from their websites. This will help you pick the best kid tracker app to keep your children safe and protected at all costs.

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