Snoopza Review: Read This Before You Make a Purchase

Whether you’re a concerned parent or an employer, you might like to consider using a spy app. Today, smartphones and the internet have opened doors for people to be involved in shady conversations and dangerous activities. It is obvious for parents to be concerned about what their kids are doing online, for employers to monitor employees with the company’s mobile phones, or for spouses to be doubtful of their partners. In all these cases, the Snoopza spy app comes in very handy.

However, if you have never heard about Snoopza before or wondering whether it’s really worth investing in this spy app in terms of money or time, then continue reading. Here is all you need to know about Snoopza and its best alternatives out there as well. 

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What Is Snoopza?

Snoopza is a phone tracker app that allows you to keep a close eye on your dear ones, spy on a suspicious partner, or monitor your employees. With its assistance, you can track the location of the target device, record calls remotely, view media files, capture screenshots remotely, track internet activities, and much more. In all, it is an all-in-one spy solution for Android devices out there.

What Can You Do with Snoopza?

Among all the spy apps out there that can monitor and track Android devices, Snoopza has gained huge popularity, and for good reason. It brings many advantages that set it apart from others.

Nevertheless, it has both a free and paid version. And with Snoopza free, you have access to the following main features-

  • Track Calls – You can track both incoming and outgoing calls of the target device.
  • Track SMS – You can track the SMS messages both sent and received on the target device.
  • Monitor Internet History Usage – You can track the browser history of the target device.
  • Geolocation – You can track the location of the target device as well as the target person.

With its paid version, you have access to the following features in addition to all the features mentioned above-

  • Record Calls – You can record the calls received and made on the target device.
  • Social Media Spy – You can track the social media activities of the target person, and it includes tracking Viber, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat
  • Screenshots – You can intercept the vital info by capturing screenshots of the target device.
  • Check Contacts – You can track the contact list of the target device.
  • Stealth Mode – You can track an Android device without being visible to the target person.
  • Track Camera – You can unlock the screen of the target phone and monitor the photos and screenshots captured by the target device with the camera of his phone.
  • Track to-do Lists – You can track notes and to-do lists made by the target person.
  • Detect SIM Card Replace – It continues to operate if a target person changes his SIM card.
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Are There Any Other Spy Apps Like Snoopza?

Yes, there are a lot of other spy apps like Snoopza. Below we have reviewed the great alternatives to Snoopza you can consider using.

1. mSpy

Our top recommendation for the Snoopza alternative is mSpy. It is indeed one of the most powerful cell phone monitoring or spy solutions out there for parental control. Many concerned parents rely on this spy app to keep themselves aware of their kid’s phones and online activities. It comes with all the features that you ever need. With its assistance, you can track incoming, outgoing, or even deleted text messages, view call history, track the real-time GPS location of the target device, track social activities, and much more. Unlike Snoopza, it works on iOS devices as well in addition to Android devices.

Snoopza alternative-mspy

2. Cocospy 

Cocospy is another great spy app out there. It is known for its cutting-edge spy features that include tracking contacts, monitoring social apps like WhatsApp, tracking incoming or outgoing calls, creating safe zones, getting alerts, and tracking browser history. Like Snoopza, it is 100% undetectable and you can spy without ever being found out. What makes it different from Snoopza is that it is fully capable of tracking iPhone/iPad or Android devices. It has a free demo to help you get familiar with its features, so make sure to give it a try to know whether it’s the spy app you’re looking for.

Snoopza's alternative-cocospy

3. Spyic

Another alternative to the Snoopza app you can try is Spyic. Known as a definitive spy and monitoring solution, it has all the features that you may need. From tracking real-time location to monitoring browser history, every spy feature is almost covered. Just like other spy apps, it works in stealth mode, meaning 100% discreet to the target user. It’s worth mentioning that Spyic is admired by a million people in more than 190 countries. Like Snoopza, it has both a free and paid version. So, take advantage of a free service to get to know whether it’s really worth your money.

Snoopza alternative-spyic

4. KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro is known as the most comprehensive cell phone spy and monitoring solution out there.  It comes with more than 30 spy features. With its assistance, you can track calls, text messages, social media apps like WhatsApp, and much more. It works on both iPhone and Android devices. The best thing is that there is no need to jailbreak or root the target device you want to monitor. Of course, it is also a 100% undetectable solution and has no concern about data loss. For concerned parents out there, KidsGuard Pro is the ultimate parental control that does the job in the most hassle-free manner.

Snoopza alternative-kidsguard-pro

5. Hoverwatch

Last but not least is the Hoverwatch. It is a free mobile spy app that can do much more than you can ever expect. Its key features include tracking SMS and calls, spying on social media apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook, tracking the location of the target user, and remaining entirely invisible. What’s more? Unlike Snoopza, it can even track Mac or Windows PCs. Over one million people count on Hoverwatch to keep a close eye on their dear ones. Go with a free sign-up, find out why it is admired by people, and get familiar with its features before investing in it.

Snoopza alternative-hoverwatch

Our Final Verdict

That’s it!! We hope that our Snoopza review has helped you to have a basic idea about this spy app – what it can do for you. As you can now see, it is not the only option out there when it comes to spying on someone. We have covered the best alternatives to Snoopza, so if you’re satisfied with Snoopza, simply pick the Snoopza alternative that meets your spy requirements and budget.

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