TrackMyFone Review: Features, Pros, Cons, and More

If you are looking for a reliable application to monitor an Android or iOS device remotely, then TrackMyFone can be an option. A lot of people confuse it with Samsung’s Find My Fone, but both solutions are pretty different. Not just location, TrackMyFone can be used to obtain several other details of the target device remotely. If even after reading TrackMyFone reviews, you are not sure about the tool, then head, and get your doubts cleared right here.

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TrackMyFone Overview: Compatibility, Pros, and Cons

As the name suggests, TrackMyFone is a popular application for tracking Android and iOS devices. It is often used as an alternative to Locate My Fone if you wish to track the real-time location of your or someone else’s device.

For iOS

Presently there, are 30+ different features of TrackMyFone for iOS devices. For this, you don’t need to access the target phone or even jailbreak it. All you need to do is log in to the same iCloud account that is linked to the target device to access its details. It supports devices running on almost every iOS version (iOS 6+).

For Android

To monitor Android devices using the TrackMyFone app, you need to access the device and install its tracker. While the basic version won’t need root access, some of its advanced features won’t work until the device is rooted. It supports a stealth mode and can track devices invisibly that are running on Android 4-8 as of now.

monitor Android devices using TrackMyFone


  • There is a TrackMyFone free trial that you can explore
  • 30+ advanced device tracking features
  • Can track multiple devices in one place


  • Different features for iOS and Android
  • The iOS tracking will only work if the iCloud backup is enabled
  • Does not include a keylogger feature


The Android version would cost $25 a month or $70 annually while the pricing for the iOS version is $29 a month or $75 annually.

TrackMyFone pricing

What Are the Major Features of TrackMyFone?

Now that you know the basics, let’s have a look at some of the major features that are available in TrackMyFone.

  • GPS Tracking

The TrackMyFone app would monitor the real-time location of the device you can check remotely from its dashboard. It will also record the location history for the past 30 days.

GPS Tracking
  • Geofencing

You can also set any zone as restricted and get alerts on your phone whenever the user leaves or enters that area.

  • Call monitoring

Also, TrackMyFone would spy on their incoming and outgoing calls all the time. You can check the timestamp, phone number, and contact details for every call.

Call monitoring
  • View Messages

Just like calls, you can also monitor the sent and received texts on their device (SMS and iMessage) with a timestamp included for every text.

  • Browsing History

It will also let you know all the websites they have visited on their device and at what time. If you want, you can also set keyword alerts for their web searches as well.

  • View Saved Media

On your TrackMyFone control panel, you can view all the saved files like their photos, videos, music, documents, and so on easily.

  • Social Media Tracking

It also supports the tracking of almost every social media app like WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Viber, Kik, LINE, Instagram, and more. You can access the messages they have exchanged, what they have posted, their attachments, and so on.

Social Media Tracking
  • Other Features

TrackMyFone supports a stealth mode and will not be detected by the targeted user. You can also use it to lock the target device remotely or take screenshots. Some other features are SIM card change alerts and remote app blocking.

Why Do Users Look for TrackMyFone Alternatives?

Overall TrackMyFone is a beginner-friendly device monitoring tool, but if you are looking for a more advanced application, then it won’t meet your requirements. Besides that, here are some other reasons that make people look for its alternative.

  • The features provided for the iOS version of TrackMyFone are very limited (and depend on the iCloud backup).
  • To access some of the advanced features on Android, you need to root the device first.
  • Some features like a keylogger, call recording, camera access, etc. are presently missing.
  • It can be a bit tedious to install the TrackMyFone app and it doesn’t provide dedicated support.

TrackMyFone vs KidsGuard Pro (Its Best Alternative)

If you are looking for a TrackMyFone alternative, then I would recommend KidsGuard Pro. Although the application is used by parents to track their kids, you can take its assistance to monitor any device remotely. Unlike TrackMyFone, it offers a wide range of features and can track almost any device (without root/jailbreak access). Here are some of the major things that you can track with KidsGuard Pro.

  • GPS Tracking: It can track the live location of the device and also maintain its past location history.
  • Geofencing: You can also set as many geofences as you want and get instant check-in or check-out alerts.
  • Keylogger: Unlike TrackMyFone, KidsGuard Pro has a sophisticated keylogger to record every keystroke typed on the device.
  • Calls and Messages: It will maintain a record of every call or message exchanged on the target device with timestamps and contact details.
  • Social Media Apps: You can track almost every social media app like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and more. It can also let you monitor dating apps like Tinder (which is not supported by TrackMyFone).
  • Call Recording: This is another feature that doesn’t seem to work in TrackMyFone. You can remotely record any incoming or outgoing call on the device and save it as well.
  • Capture Screenshots: Furthermore, you can capture screenshots of their phone remotely without letting them know.
  • Other features: Some other things that you can track on their device would include WiFi logs, app activity, browsing history, saved media, and more. You can also export data from its control panel and save it on the local storage.
TrackMyFone vs KidsGuard Pro

TrackMyFone Overview: Customer Support and Compatibility

It supports almost every iOS and Android device out there. Unlike TrackMyFone, KidsGuard Pro is compatible with devices running on Android 4-10 and iOS 9-13 versions. Also, it has 24/7 customer support (live option on its website) that can help you whenever you want.

This brings us to the end of this interesting TrackMyFone review that I’m sure was able to resolve your doubts. In this post, I have included the TrackMyFone features, pros, cons, compatibility, pricing, and all the other essential details. Since it lacks a few features, you can also consider exploring KidsGuard Pro as well. It is a user-friendly device tracker that supports every major iOS and Android device and is recommended to both beginners and experts alike.

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