Spy App for Android Undetectable

What are the spy apps for Android undetectable? There are many in the list, but here you will be reading at 10 best spy apps in detail. Spy apps have become an essential need to deal with online monsters.  It is legal if you spy on your kids and employee’s gadgets for valuable reasons. The main criteria for the best spy app are that you have to establish the monitoring process remotely and without their knowledge.  Only through efficient software, you will be able to achieve this feature optimally. In this article acquire some basic knowledge about different types of spy apps available in the digital market.

Can you spy on someone’s android phone without having access to it?

Absolutely yes, you can spy on Android’s phone remotely in an effective way. The recorded data through the monitoring process is highly reliable and precise. You can view the text messages, social media activities, call logs, and live location details etc. With the help of the data, the parents can take the necessary steps on time.

The spy apps serve as the best parental control software. You can monitor the kid’s gadget without manual access. You can block inappropriate apps, establish web filter settings, and create geo-fencing remotely without the knowledge of kids. The spy apps assist in viewing the conversation on social media applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Kik etc. You can get alerts when suspicious content enters into the kid’s gadget.

You have to make use of this spy app to monitor a familiar person’s gadget. It is highly illegal if you make use of the app to spy on stranger’s phone. This action may lead to unwanted problems in future. You have to face the law and solve the consequences of monitoring the stranger’s gadget.

Part 1: 10 Best Hidden Free Spy Apps for Android with 100% Undetectable

1. Hoverwatch


  • Record the incoming and outgoing calls on your child’s gadget
  • Professional strategy in GPS tracking
  • Traces out the camera application precisely
  • Flexible with the sim card changes. You can still monitor even if the target device replaces with another sim card.
  • Easy signup procedure to launch this app


  • Not compatible with iOS devices

Compatible OS

  • Android
  • Windows
  • Mac

User Review:

“Very good software and easy to set up and use. Excellent service and fast response to emails. Will keep using this software.”

Berdan, USA

Hoverwatch for andriod undetectable

2. mSpy


  • Quick response from the customer support team
  • Online chat support to guide the customers
  • Easy download and installation process
  • You can lock the target device remotely
  • During the theft of the target device, you can completely wipe out the data in no time.


  • You have to jailbreak if you want to monitor the iOS devices
  • It is an expensive monitoring app
  • The location tracking is a bit confusing

Compatible OS

  • Android 4+
  • iOS 7 – 8.4; 9.0 – 9.1 with Jailbreak.
  • iOS 7 – 11+ without Jailbreak.

User Review:

“You can use this app everywhere, and easy to understand you can have a lot of information about your target”


mSpy for andriod undetectable

3. KidsGuard Pro


  • Monitors the address book of the connected gadget effectively
  • The stealth mode enables the app to run unknowingly on the target device
  • Capture the preview of the photos, and videos in a remote way
  • Easily export the data from the documents stored on your child’s gadget


  • Doesn’t have iOS compatibility

Compatible OS

  • Android 9.0 Pie
  •  Andriod 4.0.

User Review:

“I am so thankful for this app! We use it on both of our kids’ tablets, and feel so much more comfortable knowing that they are limited to approved apps and limited to the time that we set! Also, when locked out of the app, customer service was very helpful.”

Betsy Geyer Sedore

KidsGuard Pro for andriod undetectable

4. iKeyMonitor


  • You can set a time limit for your kid’s gadget usage
  • Excellent free plan to enjoy all the built-in features of the app
  • Supports multiple languages
  • It is the best keylogger for Android
  • Easy spy on messages


  • Requires jailbreak to connect with iOS devices

Compatible OS

  • Android 2.3 and above
  • iPhone/iPad with iOS 9+

User Review:

I suspected my 13-year-old daughter of chatting with strangers on the Internet, and I was afraid that she was so naive as to be deceived. iKeyMonitor has eliminated my worries.

Michael Lam

iKeyMonitor  for andriod undetectable



  • Feasible to take live screenshots from the connected device
  • You can monitor the complete history of Wi-Fi network logs in detail of the target gadget
  • When the target phone is in idle mode, then the surround recorder functionality captures the unusual sounds surrounding the connected phone.
  • This app saves the battery charge of the target device
  • You can get a complete report on calls, call duration, caller list etc of the connected gadget
  • It works well for professionals


  • There is no free trial version for the novice users

Compatible OS

  • Android
  • iOS

User Review:

Ledesma Rendell

Mommy + Airbnb Exec

“I am in awe of what Xnspy can do for your family’s safety. Why Xnspy works perfectly for us is because of how it lets my husband and I monitor our children’s daily online routines and outdoor routine (via GPS). Full stars from the Scott fam.”

XNSPY  for andriod undetectable

6. FlexiSPY


  • It captures accurate keystrokes remotely
  • Professionals are comfortable with the user interface
  • You can record calls on your target device
  • Intercept the live calls on the connected gadget without the knowledge of the user
  • Better performance with superior support


  • Not suitable for beginners
  • No free trial
  • It is quite an expensive tool

Compatible OS

  • Android: Android 4.0.3 to Android 8.1
  • iOS: supports versions up to iOS 11.4.1
  • BlackBerry: BlackBerry version 5.0 to 7.1
  • Windows: Windows 7 and up
  • Mac: OS X Mavericks (10.9) up to macOS Sierra (10.12)

User Review:

“I used this to monitor my son to see if he was going anywhere before or after school as I just wanted to make sure he wasn’t going anywhere I disapproved of. I was able to do this quite easily using the GPS tracker and I was quite impressed with the accuracy of the locations. I went to the locations and saw who he was with and where he was going.”


FlexiSpy  for andriod undetectable

7. Spyera


  • You can access to live chat recording option on the target device
  • Easy spy on Blackberry messenger app
  • View the media files remotely, and record it accurately
  • It is possible to make a spy call as well as you can also enable spy call recording
  • There is a spoof SMS sending option


  • You have to jailbreak the iOS device to install this monitoring app

Compatible OS

  • iPhone
  • BlackBerry
  • Android
  • Symbian

User Review:

Great app easy to use and access also…

Great app easy to use and access also great customer service location features worked perfectly nice one”

Mary Rowdy

Spyera  for andriod undetectable

8. FoneMonitor


  • No need to root the target device to establish a remote connection
  • Less power consumption app
  • User-friendly interface
  • Doesn’t require any professional skills to work on this app
  • Quick access to the target device in a remote manner
  • It monitors and records precise and accurate data
  • Excellent compatibility with different types of web browsers on the target device
  • It supports more than 39 types of data


  • Restricted spying feature on the iOS platform due to the in-built security module
  • The setup procedure varies with the OS version of the target device

Compatible OS

  • Android
  • iOS

User Review:

“FoneMonitor helps me to track my kid’s activity and protect him even he is away from home.”

Abbott, USA

 FoneMonitor for andriod undetectable

9. Spyzie


  • Easy installation and quick setup process
  • Records monitoring data in detail
  • No need to jailbreak the iOS target devices
  • The keylogger feature saves the data typed on the target device


  • Limited features in the free version of this tool

Compatible OS

  • Android
  • iOS

User Review:

“Spyzie helps me protect my kids and that’s most important.”

Lisa, Canada

Spyzie for andriod undetectable

10. SpyMyFone


  • It serves as a sophisticated remote control to access the target device
  • This app allows you to read the emails on the connected device remotely
  • The smart capture feature takes the screenshot of the enabled application on the target gadgets
  • The Keyword alert functionality detects suspicious texts on your kid’s phone in an effective manner.


  • The subscription pricing is little high
  • A tricky setup process

Compatible OS

  • Android
  • iOS

User Review:

by Martha

“SpyMyFone has really helped me track my kids without calling them all the time. I can remotely track their live location, know with whom they talk on the phone, and can even read their messages. Thank you, SpyMyFone for everything!”

 SpyMyFone for andriod undetectable

Part 2: How to Use the King of the Undetectable Spy App for Android–FoneMonitor

The FoneMonitor app is the best free spy app for android undetectable. If you make use of this software optimally, then you can enjoy a lot of features as follows

Incredible Features:

  • No Root:

To install the Fonemonitor app you need not root device. The rooting is a process of modifying the built-in code of Android phones. Similarly, in iOS devices, you do not have to jailbreak the system to install Fonemonitor app.

  • Web-Based Interface:

The Fonemonitor interface is a web-based app. Here, the users make use of the interface which is available on the webserver. It is like an online software.

  •  Simple UI: 

The front end of the Fonemonitor is simple. The beginners can also handle the tool optimally without any prior experience. The user can easily reach out for the desired monitoring data quickly without any difficulty.

  •  Easy Installation:

The Fonemonitor software has an easy download and installation process. You have to follow the wizard for a successful installation process.

  • Quick and precise monitoring

This app records reliable and precisely monitored data. You can rely on the data without any regrets. You can make use of the recordings, and take further action to protect from unnecessary issues in future.

Step by Step Guide to Use FoneMonitor

The step by step guide for Fonemonitor, which is a free spy app for android undetectable.

Step 1: Register for a personal account in Fonemonitor

You have to create an account on FoneMonitor to establish the remote access on the target device.

Register for a personal account in Fonemonitor

Step 2: Complete the details of the target member

Here, you have to enter the details of the spy member with target device details. You have to fill in the name and age of the person whom you are going to monitor. You have to choose the OS version of the target device.

Complete the details of the target member

Step 3: Modify the settings on the target gadget

Now, in the target phone, you must navigate to ‘Settings’, ‘Security’ and enable the ‘Unknown Source’ option from the list.

Modify the settings on the target gadget

Step 4: Launch the app on the target device

You have to visit the official website of Fonemonitor and download the app on the target gadget. Install the software by following the setup wizard.

Launch the app on the target device

Step 5: Allow permissions

While installing the app, you must grant permission as a ‘Device Administrator’ of the Android gadget.

Allow permissions

Step 6: Stimulate the monitoring process

At last, tap the ‘Start Monitoring’ button to trigger the monitoring process. This app starts to function in the stealth mode. The software disappears on the target gadget. The monitoring occurs without the knowledge of the target person.

Stimulate the monitoring process

Step 7: Access the data

Soon after the installation process, you can access the data from the target device with the help of the dashboard of Fonemonitor app. You can click the respective options to view the related data.

Access the data


A detailed report on different spy apps was listed out in the article in a precise manner. There is no exaggeration given to any specific tool. There are happy customers worldwide with blissful experience using these apps. The apps are unique and have mind-blowing performance. To create a safe internet space for the kids, then the parents should look for the best spy app in the digital market. A reliable tool is necessary to monitor the gadget activities of the kids. You require a remarkable spy app to protect the kids from unknown cyber threats in future.  The parents should choose spy apps wisely and build a secure cyber environment for their kids.

The Free Spy App for Android Undetectable: A Quick Guide

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