Top 6 Couple Tracker Apps Review (2024)

Whenever disputes arise in a relationship, people start to think that their partner is cheating on them. Well, this can be true sometimes but not always. We recommend using couple tracker apps if you have reasons to doubt your partner. There are many outstanding applications available for both Android and iOS devices that can be utilized for spying and remote monitoring.

So, let’s take a look at the couple tracker and mobile monitor apps that come in handy in times of need.

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What Is a Couple Tracker App?

In simple words, a couple tracker app is one that allows a person to sneak into their partner’s phone without being detected. As there are many apps in this category available in the market, the features of these applications vary extensively. So, with the support of these apps, you will be able to keep an eye on every activity of the person with features like call recording, GPS tracking, text message view, gallery previews, social media monitoring, etc.

Why Do I Want a Couple Tracker App?

Yes, you must be wondering what the need for couple tracker mobile monitor is. Well, the answer is very simple. Most of us depend on smartphones for our day-to-day schedules. The phone keeps track of people who are in touch with us and the activities we perform throughout the day. Hence, by using a couple tracker or remote mobile monitor application, it will be possible to gain access to your partner’s device. While you are spying on their phone, they won’t be able to detect it, and you will find out if your partner is loyal or not.

Typically, such apps have the feature of staying dormant while tracking every application installed on the target device. Couples consider using them because they want to ensure that they are not being fooled or cheated by their partner.

Top 6 Couple Tracker Apps Review

Here is the list of 6 couple tracking app reviews that will help you pick the best tool for spying on your partner without their suspicion.

1: mSpy

For a very long time, mSpy has been the most popular spying and tracking app for users. Whether you want to spy on your partner or wish to track your kid’s activities, mSpy serves as the right choice for everything. It is a couple tracker app that provides detailed information on incoming and outgoing calls, sent and received messages, GPS, browser history, social media apps, messenger applications, media files, and other activities.

Couple Tracker Apps-mSpy

With extensive compatibility and an affordable pricing range, mSpy is a tool that will be useful under all circumstances without jailbreaking or rooting your device.

2: Cocospy

Cocospy is a tool that is relatively new in the market as compared to other applications. The couple tracker apps review allows a user to understand how efficient the tracking and monitoring tool can be. It will enable you to keep tabs on your partner 24/7 remotely and discreetly. The cutting-edge monitoring features include contact, WhatsApp, call logs, geofencing, browser history, etc. And all these features will work well without any root or jailbreak.

couple tracker apps-mSpy

Currently, there is a huge discount available for the Cocospy subscription. So, if you have doubts about your partner, get Cocospy and start spying remotely.

3: KidsGuard Pro

One of the couple tracker apps that are often used is KidsGuard Pro. It is an application that offers unmatched management and monitoring functions that make it easier for couples to track each other activities. With over 30 different types of mobile tracking and powerful monitoring features, it doesn’t even require root or jailbreak to be installed. Once the application is synced with the target device, you will be able to operate in complete stealth mode.

couple tracker apps-KidsGuard Pro

Using the discount offers available on the app, it won’t be expensive. Moreover, the excellent features available in this app are worth your money and effort.

4: Highster Mobile

Undoubtedly, Higher Mobile is one of the most brilliant couple tracker and mobile monitoring apps. With a user-friendly couple tracking features, this tool is also undetectable once it is installed on the device. You can use it to track all forms of messaging apps, and it is compatible with almost every phone and tablet. The remarkable features like the stealth camera, photo, and video log, live control panel, browser history tracking, etc. make it far superior to standard spying, tracking, and monitoring apps.

couple tracker apps-Highster Mobile

As for the price, Highster Mobile requires only a one-time payment, and you will get free lifetime upgrades to the application. So, if you want to get complete device information, then it can be a perfectly suitable choice.

5: FlexiSPY

If you need a fully-featured couple tracker application, then FlexiSPY is the answer. Along with the traditional features of tracking calls, messages, and location, this tool offers additional features as well. It includes monitoring of applications, websites, calendars, and media files, and can even record phone calls with surroundings. But for all these features, you will have to pay extra, and it requires jailbreak/root of the target device.

couple tracker apps-FlexiSPY

6: Hoverwatch

Last on the list and a valuable tool for tracking your partner is Hoverwatch. We provide the couple tracker apps review so that users can pick the tool that fulfills their needs. Hoverwatch consists of features like call recording, SMS tracking, social media monitoring, and GPS tracking, and can even take screenshots of the target device. All these features work in stealth mode so that you never have to worry about your partner finding out the truth.

couple tracker apps-Hoverwatch

At the same time, you will be able to find out how loyal your partner is. There is no doubt that Hoverwatch will be of assistance to keep the Android device in check. Furthermore, you can even use it to spy on your partner’s desktop. One feature lacking in this tool is there is no iOS version available on the device.


From taking real-time screenshots to tracking social media activities and messages, these couple tracker apps provide a plethora of impeccable features. When you have such tools at your disposal, it will be easy for you to check if your partner is committed to the relationship or cheating behind your back. After all, maintaining a healthy relationship takes a lot of effort, and if your partner’s behavior changes suddenly, it raises suspicion. So, stay aware all the time with couple trackers.

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