How to Track My Husband’s Phone Remotely (2024)

“I want to track my husband’s phone discreetly” – Have any of you searched for something like this? If so, that means that you are having doubts in your relationship that your spouse is cheating on you. In such circumstances, it becomes crucial that you find a quick and efficient way to spy on your husband. Don’t worry; we have the answer that you are looking for. Whatever your reasons are for tracking your husband’s activities, we got you covered.

Today, we will introduce you to an app that allows the user to spy on the target device without any problem. You will be able to get inside the device without using any hack, and the app will provide all the information that you want to find out.

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Why Do You Need to Track Your Husband’s Phone?

Most women search – “track my husband’s phone for free” in desperate times only. We get that if you are reading this article, you must have crossed the point where your trust is already breached. After all, tracking someone’s phone is not considered a good deed.

However, when a spouse is suspicious that their partner is cheating on them or having an affair, there is no other option left. You will find it quite disappointing, but around 40 to 45% of people cheat on their partner at some point. Although you are having doubts, when you confront your partner, they make excuses and blame you for such misconceptions. It is obvious that some arguments are not going to solve your problems. Hence, the ultimate action you need to take is tracking your husband and spying on him secretly.

So, whether your husband has started behaving oddly or he acts rudely without any reason, all these signs mean that there is something wrong. And the best way to clear your doubts without breaking your relationship is to use a spying and tracking app.

How to Track My Husband’s Phone?

To answer your question- “How can I track my husband’s phone“, we present you with the perfect solution, which is Cocospy. It is a premier solution to help the user to monitor cell phones. There are more than 30 features present in the application that provide the user with everything they need. From tracking the target device’s location to spying on calls and messages, Cocopsy will allow you to gather intel on your husband’s activities throughout the day. And if he is cheating on you, then you will have evidence against him and determine what you should do next.

Cocospy Features:

Here is a list of Cocospy features that will assist you in finding the truth and tracking your husband’s phone.

  • GPS Tracking- It allows the user to check the real-time location and location history of the target device
  • SMS & Call Tracking- Using this feature will provide incoming and outgoing SMS and call details
  • Social Media Tracking- This feature will provide you the ability to check and track the activities of all social media apps such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and others
  • Media Files Access- This feature makes it possible for the user to view photos and video files shared from the device
  • Stealth Mode- The app will stay hidden in the target device once the setup is complete

All these features come in handy when you are trying to unfold the truth.

How to Use Cocospy to Track Your Husband’s Phone

Here’s how women who are trying to find a way to “track my husband” can actually do it. Follow the steps and achieve your goal.

Step 1: Subscribe to Cocospy

Start by creating an account on Cocospy. Click on the Sign-up button and provide your email address. Set a password and register to create your account.

Step 2: Configure Target Device

To install the application on the targetted Android device, you will need physical access to that device. During the registration, you have to mention the target device OS, and once you select the OS, the instructions for installation will be provided in an email to you.


For iPhone, you only need to provide your husband’s iCloud account credentials to finish the setup. Once the account is verified and linked with the device, you will have undetectable access to the target device.

Step 3: Start Tracking

Now, the final step to track your husband’s cell phone is to open the Cocospy control panel and see all the activities that your husband performs on his phone. To catch him red-handed, you can use the following features.

  • See Call Logs & Contact Details

The first thing to check on your husband’s phone is his call history and contact details. The app will provide you with details of calls with time duration and timestamp.

track my husbands phone -contact details

If there is a number that more frequently calls than others, it is a possibility that it is your husband’s new love interest.

track my husbands phone-trackcalls
  • Check SMS & View Calendar Appointments

The next step is to check the message application. Perhaps your husband is in contact with his partner through messages under a false name. So, make sure that you check all messages.

Alongside, don’t forget to check his calendar as well. The calendar holds information about the events he has planned. Check for any suspicious event to clear your doubts about his plans.

  • Track Location

Of course, location tracking is one of the most brilliant features that allow the user to see the whereabouts of the target device 24/7. The app will mark the location on the map with the address and timestamp. Hence, you’ll know where he has been and where he is going.

track my husbands phone-track location
  • Track Social Media Apps and other Installed Apps

Possibly, your husband never let you touch his phone. However, once you manage to set up Cocospy, you will have unrestricted access to the target device. Track the social media app to check your husband’s activities online and who contacts them through those accounts. Besides, there is a possibility that your husband is using dating apps. Make sure that you check those apps as well.

track my husbands phone-track dating apps
  • View Photos & Videos

Usually, when a person is trying to find out if their partner is cheating, the first app to look at is the gallery. In between the videos and photos shared with his contacts, you might find some proof that he is not a trustworthy person.

track my husbands phone-track photos
  • Track Browsing History

There is a chance that your husband is smart and erases calls, contacts, messages, and media files from the device. Or he might even be using web applications for dating someone. Hence, checking the browser history is also important.

track my husbands phone-browser history

All these features of Cocospy will assist you in uncovering your husband’s lies. Once you’ve found out his real intentions, it will be easy for you to move on and take the right action.


Hopefully, now you know how you can track your husband’s phone discreetly. Cocospy has been helping users in every way possible. And it will prove useful in such situations as well.

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