Top 10 Cell Phone Tracking Apps (2024)

Today, you will find lots of free and paid cell phone tracking apps on the internet. While most of them are average, some tools are outstanding when it comes to tracking a cell phone. But how do you pick the best tool to track someone else’s phone without being caught? Don’t worry; we have the answer you are seeking. Today, we will learn about the tools that are popular and effective to track cell phones.

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What Can a Phone Tracking App Do for Us

In case you are wondering what you will be able to do if you use an application to track cell phones, here is a list of things:

  • GPS location tracking helps the user to see the real-time location of the target device anytime
  • Call Monitoring to check the incoming and outgoing calls with timestamp and duration
  • SMS Monitoring to check sent and received messages, sometimes even deleted messages as well
  • Social Media app tracking to monitor WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc., and respective messengers
  • Hidden Mode to ensure that the target device user doesn’t find out that someone is tracking their activities.

And the list of things that cell phone tracking apps feature doesn’t end here. With every application, you might find one remarkable and unique feature that makes it better than others.

Top 10 Cell Phone Tracking Apps

We have gathered the top 10 cell phone tracking apps for you. Review them and choose the tool that meets your requirement and fulfill your needs.

1: mSpy

Launched in 2010, mSpy has become a very useful tracking app within a decade. From phone calls to social media activity, instant messages to location; it will run on the target device in hidden mode. Moreover, the app will send you timely reports online on your account, which can be accessed from your mobile phone or browser.

tracking app-mSpy

So, whether you are concerned about your child’s safety or worried that your partner is cheating on you, use mSpy to find out the truth. It is a reliable tool that is easy to set up without jailbreak and rooting. And once it is installed, the target will never know that someone is spying on them.

2: Cocospy

Another striking cell phone tracking app available in the market is Cocospy. It is a complete phone surveillance application that will make it possible even to track a lost or stolen phone. Trusted by millions of users today, Cocospy possesses features that are ideal for tracking and monitoring devices. Tracking Facebook messages, WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram, Snapchat, and others is a hassle-free task with this app. Even if the target device enters an area that is restricted, you will get alerts and find out what the target is up to.

tracking app-cocospy

3: KidsGuard Pro

More than 3 million parents entrust KidsGuard Pro to track cell phone of their children. It is regularly progressive tracking software. The developers keep on upgrading the features to ensure that users get every feature they need. The most prominent functions of this app include creating a timeline of all the activities of the target device, remote screenshots, call recording, Wi-Fi logger, and data export feature.

tracking app-KidsGuard Pro

As the app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, it is one of the top choices for cell phone tracking.

4: Highster Mobile

If you want an advanced phone tracking app, then Highster Mobile can be a perfect choice. Once you acquire the subscription, you will be able to use it for a lifetime without paying extra for the upgrades. It gives the chance to target activities like SMS, emails, location, contacts, calendar, browser history, etc. with the free version of the app.

tracking app-Highster Mobile

In the Pro version, you will get access to features like blocking websites, spying on messaging apps, monitoring Wi-Fi networks, geo-fencing, keylogger, etc. With its extensive array of features, it is considered the best tracking app at the user’s disposal.

5: FlexiSPY

If you need a cell phone tracking app whose list of features is incomparable to other tracking services, then choose FlexiSPY. Whether you are targeting Android or iOS devices, this app will provide you with features like activating and controlling the target device camera or microphone remotely to monitor your surroundings. This is a feature that you won’t find in any other tracking app.

tracking app-FlexiSPY

Other than that, features like password retrieval, call recording, tracking of deleted texts and calls, intercepting phone calls, and social media tracking features are also available. Get your hands on this tool, and you will be able to track cell phones, desktops, and tablets.

6: Hoverwatch

Another app that allows users to track cell phone easily is Hoverwatch. This app consists of features like tracking mobile phone locations, call logs, text messages, media files, social media apps, and all other apps installed on the device. The process of installation is also pretty easy. Some unique features of Hoverwatch include detecting SIM card changes, tracking cameras, and taking screenshots. Compatible with Android, Windows, and Mac systems, it can even track 25 devices at the same time.

tracking app-Hoverwatch

7: SpyEra

Yes, an award-winning cell phone tracking app is also on our list. SpyEra is a tracking app that works seamlessly across multiple platforms and devices. The most notable functions of the app are remote camera control, capturing key logs, tracking file transfers, full app usage reports, and listening to devise surroundings as well.

tracking app-SpyEra

No matter if you want to check your partner’s loyalty or to keep your kid safe, SpyEra will fulfill your needs. You will have details of the target device 24/7 without getting detected.

8: FamiSafe

Wondershare has designed a wide variety of software for users, and FamiSafe is one of them. It is a cell phone tracking application that is specially designed for child monitoring and parental control. However, you can utilize it for employee monitoring and spying on your friends and family as well.

tracking app-FamiSafe

The features included in FamiSafe are activity filters, app usage tracking, screen time control, scheduling, detection of suspicious content, device blocking, social media tracking, GPS tracking, geo-fence, and so much more.

9: Spyic

Spyic is a relatively new application that is often used to track cell phone. It is equipped with advanced surveillance and tracking features that come in handy when a user is trying to track someone else’s phone. Whether the target device is changing SIM cards or browsing unethical content over the internet, you will have detailed knowledge of their activities. Other usual features like call and SMS tracking, GPS, social media tracking, stealth mode, etc. are also accessible with the Spyic app.

tracking app-Spyic

10: TheTruthSpy

The TruthSpy app is another excellent tracking app for mobile phones. From the basic features to the advanced ones, this app contains all the necessary features for cell phone tracking. Furthermore, it provides you with proper remote control of the target device for monitoring. You can also access multimedia files, browser history, social media apps, and call recordings on the target device.

tracking app-TheTruthSpy

It even offers a feature called spy call or auto-answer that allows the user to answer the calls on the target device.


All the cell phone tracking apps that we have listed in the article are affordable and very effective in tracking both Android and iOS devices. Although some apps require jailbreak or rooting, these tracking apps can even hide the signs of jailbreak on the device. So, take your pick and start tracking the device you want. After all, all these apps are quite astonishing when it comes to tracking.

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