How to View Sprint Account Call Log online? I have accidentally deleted my call log from my phone. Can I view my sprint call log through my sprint account? If yes, then what is the way?

Sprint is a mobile carrier service that is highly compatible with smartphones. It is among the top cell phone provider in the United States of America due to its effective services for avid smartphone users. The main reason behind the popularity of Sprint is that it allows you to manage all your phone records, including call logs, by creating an online account.

The company was also among the first to enable users to pay their phone bills online. So, if you had accidentally removed all your call history from your phone, then you can easily access the record with your Sprint account.

In this article, we will show you how to view your sprint account call log as well as the method to check someone else’s.

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Sprint Call Log – How to View My Sprint Account Call Log

If you have a Sprint mobile account and wish to view your entire call log, then follow the steps below to get the information quickly. Here are the steps:

  • Access the official website of Sprint;
  • From there you have to enter your login credentials, namely your username and password before hitting the “Sign in” tab;
view My Sprint Account Call Log
  • Once you had accessed your “Account” page, locate the “Your Bill” section. Click on the “See my Bill” option to view your billing history;
  • Now scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the tab saying “For Call Details: Click Here” before proceeding to the next step;
  • The Call Details page will soon open, and from that section, you can select any type of call option to view the details. The choices that you will have the chance to pick will be Voice call and Roaming call;
  • You can view your Sprint call log for the past 24 months by simply clicking on the Bill date button from the web display.
  • That’s it! It is all you have to do to view the call log of your Sprint account.

How to View Other’s Sprint Call Log

The technique to view one’s own Sprint call log is perhaps easier than anything on the internet. The real problem or difficulty arises when you wish to check someone else’s Sprint call log as it is not that straightforward. Nonetheless, tools like smartphone spying apps are capable of allowing you to check someone else’s Sprint call log. Such apps work as an excellent parental control platform where parents can learn the location, call history, and many other things from their child’s phone.

Cocospy cellphone tracking app is among such tools. It’ll not matter if the other person is an Android or an iPhone user. It is because Cocospy will penetrate their security walls to give you the information you need. The app can show you the entire call history that will comprise the following things:

  • Contact Name;
  • Call Duration;
  • The Phone Number;
  • Call Date;
  • Call Type(Incoming/Outgoing/Missed).

If you wish to view the Sprint call history, then follow the steps below:

Step 1: Access the Website of Cocospy and Create an Account

If you wish to use the cell phone monitoring services of Cocospy, then the first thing you have to do is create an account and purchase the app. For that, you can access Cocospy’s official website from your computer’s browser and hit the “Buy Now” tab. Select the brand or framework of the device you intend to spy on and select the pricing plan that best fits your budget.

The platform will allow you to monitor as many as three Android or iOS devices at once with one of the subscription plans.

Cocospy cell phone monitoring services of Cocospy

Step 2: Download Cocospy App For the Target Cell Phone

Depending on the brand of smartphone you had selected to monitor, you have to download Cocospy’s app on the target phone. The app will soon go under the “Stealth Mode” once you install it and enter your login credentials. It means that the other individual will not be able to know the presence of any spying app on their smartphone.

download Cocospy

Step 3: Use the Control Panel of Cocospy to View Someone Else’s Sprint Call History

Access the control panel of Cocospy from the official site of the monitoring app through your computer’s browser. The website will ask you to enter your username and password to enter the dashboard of the panel. On the left side of the display, underneath the “Dashboard” tab, click on the “Calls” option. It will show you the entire Sprint call history ever conducted on the target phone.

You will possess the complete freedom to access other features of Cocospy to spy on the different activities of the target phone.

View Someone Else’s Sprint Call History with cocospy


The offer to view call history through the Sprint account is unique, and only a few cell phone providers offer that to the user. Spring allows its customers to view the call logs of the previous 24 months, along with all the billing details. In this section, we had discussed in complete detail the convenient technique to access your Sprint call history through the official account.

It is improbable to some extent to check the Sprint call log of someone else’s phone if you opt to follow a conventional method. However, by using the Cocospy cell phone spying app, you can easily access the entire call history of the target phone. This app comes in handy when you are a parent and intend to know what your child is up to with their smartphone. 

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