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The new generation tends to hide everything from their parents. As a parent, it is our duty to keep our children safe and sound. However, the sneaky behavior of the kids is worrisome. That’s why parents are very keen to find hidden apps on Android or any other smartphone they have. The data hiding and privacy features in the smartphone are undoubtedly valuable. But the young kids misuse the features and tend to hide inappropriate things from the guardians.

Therefore, in this guide, we will figure out why we need to learn how to find hidden spyware on android and how to use them to access the hidden apps and files on the devices as well. Let’s find out what your loved ones are hiding from you on their smartphone.

Part 1: Why We Need To Find Hidden Apps On Android?

Are you having doubts that your kid is hiding something from you? Do you worry a lot regarding your children fearing that they are falling into the wrong company?

These are just common fears for every parent. The only thing parents want is to ensure that their children are safe and sound no matter what. And a part of their responsibility forces them to spy on them as well. There are many reasons to learn how to find hidden apps on Android. Until a certain age, young kids don’t understand the potential dangers of such apps.

Any application that is hidden on your device poses a threat to your device as well as your privacy. Due to this, spyware apps are also considered unethical. As a parent, they understand that they went through the same phase when they were involved in some activities against their parent’s wishes. But when they become parents, they get an insight into their perspective.  The common reasons for kids to hide the apps or content include:

  • To conceal online activities
  • To hide sensitive and explicit material or information
  • To prevent the parents from knowing that they are using dating apps or inappropriate video streaming apps
  • To prevent the parents from blocking the app due to the fear of addiction

Unfortunately, with the technology on the uprise, the skepticism of parents is needed more than ever. No matter how beneficial technology is, you can predict your child’s behavior. Maybe they will become a victim of internet fraud or get involved in some law-breaking activities. Furthermore, they might get bullied by someone over the internet. As there are no rules of using the technology, it is getting hard to fathom the negative impact technology might have on the kids.

Hence, we all need to know how to unhide the hidden apps and use spyware apps to keep an eagle’s eye on our children. It is not a matter of privacy breach but more of protecting the kids from harm.

Part 2: How To Find Hidden Apps On Android In Simple Ways?

The methods to locate hidden apps on Android aren’t just useful for parents. People having doubts about their spouse or a person worried about a friend’s mental health might also consider taking a look on their phone to figure things out. In most cases, people tend to hide elements. Common apps that are generally used by Android users are Secret Calculator, CoverMe, and Best Secret Folder. But with the methods we have explained below, you’ll know how to find those hidden apps on Android as quickly as possible.

Method 1: Via Default Android Settings

The best way to learn how to find hidden apps in Android devices is to go through Device Settings. Every smartphone gives a list of installed apps with names, icons, and space occupied. In the Settings Menu, all apps will be visible even if it is hidden in the second space or inside a folder. To access the list, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open Settings and look for Apps & Notifications option. As the screen opens up, you will see the installed apps list. You can further filter the result by taking a look at the System apps.

find hidden spyware via default Android settings

Keep scrolling until you find the app that seems suspicious and tap on it. The app information will be displayed, and you can choose whether you want to delete the app instantly or wish to take a look at the content inside the app. This will help you to get a closer look at the activities.

Method 2: Via The App Drawer

Some kids think that they are smarter than their parents, and we won’t know how to unhide apps on android. There was a time when parents weren’t tech-savvy. But now, with the generation getting smarter every day, parents know the value of learning the new technologies. The irony is that kids hide the app in the App Drawer, thinking the parents won’t notice it. But it is straightforward to find hidden apps in the App drawer as well.

Step 1: Open the App Drawer, and you will see three vertical dots on the top corner of the screen. Click on the dots, and a small list of options will appear. There you will find the Hide Apps option or Home Screen Settings.

Step 2: As you select the option, the hidden apps will be displayed on the screen. If the option is missing from the list, this means that there is no hidden app on the phone.

find hidden spyware via  the app drawer

Then you need to browse the apps individually from the app drawer, or you can directly take a look at the installed app list.

Part 3: How To Most Effectively Find Hidden Apps On Android?

If you want to find the hidden apps on any Android device or iPhone, then you need effective tools that stay dormant and give you a detailed report of the target device. For this, we have gathered a list of apps that would allow you to monitor and spy on any device remotely.

1: Famisafe

One of the best parental control and monitoring apps available on the internet is FamiSafe. Designed by Wondershare, this tool is incredible if you want to show hidden apps on android and spy on them remotely. It is a remote monitoring app that provides a detailed report of the various app activities. So, your kids won’t be able to hide any app from you. Moreover, you can delete any app from their device and block them entirely on the target device.

Android spy for using FamiSafe


  • Beneficial for protecting kids from online bullying, predators, harassment, and other threats.
  • App usage blocker, activity report, and browser history tracking features available.
  • Alerts for suspicious activities.


  • The important features are only available with the paid version.
  • Unable to monitor Social Media apps or text messages.

2: Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is the app that is primarily designed for spying. So, not only you will learn how to unhide hidden apps in android but also get features like call recording, location tracking, social media surveillance, and take screenshot remotely.  The app is quite efficient when it comes to monitoring the devices from the background. One of the remarkable features of Hoverwatch is that you can remotely gain access to the target device’s camera.

Android spy for using Hoverwatch


  • Also available for Windows and Mac OS computers.
  • Excellent user interface and compatibility with the device.
  • Easy to set up and deliver on-time reports of day-to-day activities.


  • Lack of support for iPhone and iPad.
  • Lack of Screen Capture feature.

3: iKeyMonitor

Another brilliant secret app finder tool available for the users is iKeyMonitor. Whether it is the free trial or powerful keylogger, the app has several useful features. From social media to the screen time that the target user spends on different apps, iKeyMonitor will give you a brief on the app usage. And the report will include the list of hidden apps as well. Plus, you can use the screenshot feature to keep proof of all the suspicious activities of the target. The app will help you keep your loved ones safe under all circumstances.

show hidden apps on android for using iKeyMonitor


  • Active and strong filters to prevent exposure of harmful or inappropriate content on the kids.
  • Block apps completely from the device.
  • Discreet and tamper-proof monitoring.
  • Comprehensive tracking and monitoring features with remote control.


  • Need the iOS device to be jailbroken.
  • For some features, even the Android phone must be rooted.
  • Expensive as compared to the other competitor app.

4: KidsGuard Pro

If you need a versatile and reliable app to learn how to find hidden files on an android phone, then you should choose KidsGuard Pro. Designed by Clever Guard, this child monitoring app helps the user to protect their loved ones from malicious content. The feature provided in the app is legally compliant and protects customer’s data privacy as well. Even more so, the app will be undetectable in the target device so that the monitoring can be seamless. Even though the app is specially designed for kids, you can also use it for your spouse or close friends.

locate hidden apps on Android for using KidsGuard Pro


  • Perfect compatibility with all Android devices.
  • Support data and information extraction from the target device such as contacts, browsing history, documents, etc.
  • Keylogger feature can help you track down any account’s password.
  • Free trial of 3-days to check the features.


  • Don’t support iOS devices
  • Support for email service is not available
  • The schedule restriction feature isn’t available
  • Remote control feature is also missing

5: mSpy

If you want to get your hands on the best finder app for Android, then it is mSpy. More than just a monitoring and management tool, this app gives complete access to the target device. The app delivers general information about the app and tells you how often the app is used. Alongside this, you can take screenshots and limit the usage of any particular app installed on the device. Some people even delete the app history, messages, calls, etc. to avoid being caught. But mSpy will also provide details of the data that is deleted in the keylogger.

find hidden apps for using mSpy


  • Block apps, calls, or any content using the blocking feature.
  • Read text messages and social media chats in detail.
  • Get a geofencing and location tracking feature.
  • Discreet operation and affordable subscription plans for all devices.
  • It comes in jailbreak and without jailbreak version.


  • If you want to use the app on the iPhone, then you need to jailbreak it.
  • For an Android device, you will need physical access to the device at least once.
  • Lack of some advanced monitoring features like call recording, camera access, etc.


We all know that when someone is hiding an app on their phone, it is never because of good reasons. Along with the apps that are installed on the device and hidden, with these spying apps, you will be able to track the web apps and services that are harmful as well.

From now on, when someone asks for your help on “how do I find hidden apps on any phone,” recommend using spying apps. All the above-mentioned apps are compelling and powerful when it comes to finding hidden apps on Android devices. In addition, you will get many advanced and basic spying features to stay active and know all about your loved ones.

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