Track Samsung Tablet with Three Easy Methods

Almost every one of us has lost a smart device at some point. That’s why tablet user prefers taking preventive measures to ensure that they can track Samsung tablet no matter the situation. Devices like tablets hold a lot of essential data, pictures, videos, contacts, messages, etc. Hence, we must know how to find them in case they ever get lost.

Today, we’ll focus on three methods that will tell you how to track a Samsung tablet easily. Let’s start now.

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Can You Track a Samsung Tablet?

The first question that we must answer is if tracking is really possible or not. Well, the answer is yes. Parents, employers, and even device owners often rely on tracking applications to monitor and track the target device activities. While most of the users who want to know “how to track my Samsung Galaxy tablet” are worried parents and employers, the feature comes in handy when a person loses a phone/tablet.

So, the methods we are going to discuss today will be useful for everyone. Whether you want to spy on your cheating spouse to keep an eye on your kids or find a lost tablet, these methods will be the answer.

Track Samsung Tablet with Phone Tracking Software Hoverwatch

One of the top contenders for tracking and monitoring tools in the market is Hoverwatch. Whether you want to track Samsung tablet location or its app details, this tool will provide you complete access to the device remotely. Compatible with all Android phones and tablets, once you sync your device with Hoverwatch, you will be able to find out where the target device is all the time.

Key features:

  • Track cell phone and tablet location
  • Stay invisible on the target device
  • Use without rooting your device
  • Get access to call history, contacts, messages, gallery, and other apps including social media
  • An easy-to-navigate control panel for monitoring

To use Hoverwatch to track a Samsung tablet, you first need to go through the setup. Here is the step-by-step guide that you need to follow for this.

Step 1: Before we begin the process of installing Hoverwatch on your tablet, prepare the device by turning off the Play Protect feature in Google Play Store Settings. Then, visit the official site of Hoverwatch and hit the “Sign up Free” button. Enter your email and password and create an account online.

sign up Hoverwatch

Step 2: With registration, you’ll get an app download link in the mail. Download the apk file and allow installation.

download Hoverwatch

Step 3: Grant all permissions required by the app to track all activities of the target device during setup. After installation, you have to log in to your Hoverwatch account on the target device. Open the app login using your account credentials and accept the terms.

login to your Hoverwatch account

Step 4: Choose the activities to track and set up a PIN to protect the app. The installation is finished, and now you can access the dashboard and review all activities of the Samsung tablet remotely.

use Hoverwatch to track a Samsung tablet

In the first attempt, the device will take a while to sync all data. But after that, you’ll have instant access to the tablet anytime, anywhere. The best feature is that the app icon will disappear from the target device once the setup finishes, making it impossible for the target user to find the application.

Track Samsung Tablet with Android Device Manager

A user can learn how to “track my Samsung” using Android Device Manager as well. A Google account is essential to set up an Android device. And it means that you can activate this feature whenever you want.

The feature that comes with the Android Device Manager includes:

  • Locating a device that has your Google account logged in
  • Reset the PIN of the device
  • Erase data
  • Lock device
  • Set an alarm

You can follow the steps below to learn how to track my Samsung Galaxy tablet.

Step 1: Open Settings of your tablet and go to Security > Enable Remotely Locate This Device and Allow Remote Lock & Erase option. Also, make sure that your device location access is on.

Track a Samsung Tablet with Android Device Manager 1

Step 2: Download the app “Google Find My Device” on any device and sign in using the same Google account. You will see the list of your devices synced with the account. Choose the tablet that you want to track, and it will appear on the map screen.

Track a Samsung Tablet with Android Device Manager 2

You can also access other features of the ADM whenever you want.

Track Samsung Tablet with Find My Tablet

The third method in our list of ways to learn how to track my Samsung phone/tablet is using the popular Find My Tablet feature. While in most devices, you have to install a third-party application to track location, Samsung has the great advantage of the Find My Tablet/Phone as an in-built feature.

Key features:

  • Always have access to the device location using GPS
  • Erase device data and settings remotely
  • Play a sound to locate the device
  • Lock the tablet

Here is the systematic guide that you can follow to track Samsung tablets using Find My Tablet.

Step 1: The first step to set up Find My Tablet is creating a Samsung account. Open the tablet > go to Settings > Account > Add Account > and choose the Samsung account option. You can also use your existing email address for the Samsung account as well.

Track my Samsung Tablet with Find my Tablet 1

Now log in to your account and enable the Find My Mobile/Tablet feature.

Step 2: Visit the Find My Mobile link directly or navigate to Samsung Account > App & Services > Samsung Apps > Find My Mobile. As the site loads enter your credentials and you’ll see the current location of your device.

Track my Samsung Tablet with Find my Tablet 2

You’ll see options like ring, lock, track location, erase data, back up, retrieve calls/messages, and a few other options. And that’s all on how to track a Samsung tablet. 


In the end, all three methods discussed above are useful to track Samsung tablets. But as far as extensive features and effectiveness go, Hoverwatch wins the competition. Not only will it track the location of the device, but it’ll also provide you with a complete record of all activities remotely. So, the next time you lose your phone or tablet, it’ll be faster to find it out.

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